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Raj Madhavan

Vice-President – Industrial Activities

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Clarksburg (MD), United States
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The Standing Committee for Standards Activities (SCSA) under the Industrial Activities Board (IAB) of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) has been actively working with the research and industrial communities and other Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs). The standardization efforts are now formally being pursued under two Working Groups (WGs) with RAS as the official sponsor. As it has been customary the last two years, we will have a full-day meeting dedicated to discussing the work of the WGs at IROS'13. This meeting will be held on Sunday, 3 November from 9:00-17:00. The WGs welcome your comment sand participation in this standardization process. To be involved in the activities of the standards committee, neither RAS nor IEEE-SA memberships are mandatory.


The goal of the IEEE-RAS Ontologies for Robotics and Automation Working Group (ORA WG) is to develop a standard ontology and associated methodology for knowledge representation and reasoning in robotics and automation, together with the representation of concepts in an initial set of application domains. The standard will provide a unified way of representing knowledge and will provide a common set of terms and definitions, allowing for unambiguous knowledge transfer among any group
of humans, robots, and other artificial systems. To date, the working group has over 130 members containing a cross-section of industry, academia, and government, representing over twenty countries.

ORA WG has the following notable achievements since its establishment late 2011:

  • Special session at IEEE/RSJ IROS "Knowledge Representation and Ontologies for Robotics and Automation" in 2012.
  • Workshop at UBICOMP'12 (Pittsburgh, PA) entitled "Smart Gadgets Meet Ubiquitous and Social Robots on the Web" (Sept. 8, 2012)
  • Special Issue of Elsevier Robotics and Autonomous Systems Journal, in 2013.
  • Book chapter to be published in "Bridges between the Methodological and Practical Work of the Robotics and Cognitive Systems Communities – From Sensors to Concepts";
  • Special session at IEEE RITA "Knowledge Representation for Robotics and Automation" in 2013
  • Accepted Papers at IEEE/RSJ IROS and IEEE ICRA.

IEEE ORA WG Meetings
Location: Room 104, Conference Tower 1F, Tokyo Big Sight
Date: 09:00-12:30, 3 November (Sun), 2013
During this meeting, we will present the cut status of core ontology and the standard documentation and discuss the next steps.

*ORA Working Group Agenda*
09:00-09:30     ORA Overview and Core Ontology Update Dr. Edson Prestes
09:30-10:00     Proteus Ontology Dr. Serge Stinckwich
10:00-10:30     TBD Dr. Abdelghani Chibani
10:30-10:45     Break
10:45-11:15     Current Standard Documentation Dr. Edson Prestes
11:15               Discussion , All



IEEE P1873 WG Meetings
Location: Room 104, Conference Tower 1F, Tokyo Big Sight
Date: 13:30-17:00, November 3 (Sun), 2013

Robot Map Data Representation for Navigation (MDR) Working Group
WG Chairs: Wonpil Yu (ETRI), Francesco Amigoni (Politecnico di Milano)

1. Welcome and Introductions (13:30-13:45)
2. Agree on agenda and add any other business (13:45-13:55)
3. Review and approval of minutes from the previous meeting (13:55-14:10)
4. WG Update and Reports (14:10-14:20)
5. Discussion items (14:20-16:45)

Review of the Section 6 ("Map data representation for robot navigation") of the draft of MDR document
6.1: Data format for metric map (Francesco Amigoni)
6.2: Data format for topological map (Hyungpil Moon, Wonpil Yu)

  • Discussion on the content of Section 5 ("General description") of the draft of MDR document
  • Discussion on the content of the introductory sections of the MDR document
  • Possible implementation and experimental test of the APIs

6. Next meeting schedule, agenda (16:45-17:00)
7. Adjourn

Breaks will be taken according to the IROS conference schedule or upon request of attendees.