ICRA Venues and Archive

ICRA 2021 Xi'an, China
16-22 May
General Chair: Max Q.-H. Meng
Program Chair: Yu Sun

ICRA 2020 Paris, France
17-21 May
General Chair: Stéphane Régnier
Program Chair: Wolfram Burgard

ICRA 2019 Montreal, Canada (Website)
20-24 May
General Chair: Greg Dudek
Program Chair: Jaydev Desai

ICRA 2018 Brisbane, Australia (Website)
21-26 May
General Chair: Alex Zelinsky
Program Chair: Peter Corke

ICRA 2017 Singapore (Website, Proceedings)
29 May - 2 June
General Chair: I-Ming Chen
Program Chair: Yoshihiko Nakamura

ICRA 2016 Stockholm, Sweden (Website, Proceedings)
16-21 May
General Chair: Danica Kragic
Program Chairs: Antonio Bicchi, Alessandro De Luca

ICRA 2015 Seattle, WA, USA (Website, Proceedings)
26-30 May
General Chair: Lynne Parker
Program Chair: Nancy Amato

ICRA 2014 Hong Kong, China (Website, Proceedings)
31 May - 5 June
General Chair: Ning Xi
Program Chair: Bill Hamel

ICRA 2013 Karlsruhe, Germany (Website, Proceedings)
6-10 May
General Chair: Rüdiger Dillmann
Program Chair: Markus Vincze

ICRA 2012 Minneapolis, MN USA (Website, Proceedings)
4-18 May
General Chair: Nikos Papanikolopoulos
Program Chair: Paul Oh

ICRA 2011 Shanghai, China (Proceedings)
9-13 May
General Chair: Zexiang Li
Program Chair: Yuan Fang Zheng

ICRA 2010 Anchorage, AK USA (Proceedings)
3-8 May
General Chair: Wesley Snyder
Program Chair: Vijay Kumar

ICRA 2009 Kobe, Japan (Website, Proceedings)
12-17 May
General Chair: Kazuhiro Kosuge
Program Chair: Katsushi Ikeuchi

ICRA 2008 Pasadena, CA USA (Website, Proceedings)
19-23 May
General Chairs: Maja Mataric, Paul Schenker
Program Chairs: Stefan Schaal, Gaurav S Sukhatme

ICRA 2007 Rome, Italy (Website, Proceedings)
10-14 April
General Chairs: Paolo Dario, Alessandro De Luca
Program Chair: Bruno Siciliano

ICRA 2006 Orlando, FL USA (Proceedings)
15-19 May
General Chairs: Normal Caplan, C.S. George Lee

ICRA 2005 Barcelona, Spain (Proceedings)
18-22 April
General Chair: Alícia Casals
Program Chair: Rüdiger Dillmann

ICRA 2004 New Orleans, LA USA (Proceedings)
26 April - 1 May
General Chairs: T.J. Tarn, Toshio Fukuda
Program Chair: Kimon Valavanis

ICRA 2003 Taipei, China (Proceedings)
14-19 September (Delayed from May due to concerns about SARS epidemic)
General Chair: Ren C. Luo
Program Chair: Li-Chen Fu

ICRA 2002 Washington DC, USA (Proceedings)
11-15 May
General Chair: William Hamel
Program Chair: Anthony A. Maciejewski

ICRA 2001 Seoul, Korea (Proceedings)
21-26 May
General Chair: Wook Hyun Kwon
Program Chair: Beom Hee Lee

ICRA 2000 San Francisco, CA USA (Proceedings)
24-28 April
General Chair: Brian S. Carlisle
Program Chair: Oussama Khatib

ICRA 1999 Detroit, MI USA (Proceedings)
10-15 May
General Chair: Hadi Akeel

ICRA 1998 Leuven, Belgium (Proceedings)
16-21 May
General Chair: Georges Giralt

ICRA 1997 Albuquerque, NM USA (Proceedings)
20-25 April
General Chair: Ray Harrigan

ICRA 1996 Minneapolis, MN USA (Proceedings)
22-28 April
General Chair: Norman Caplan

ICRA 1995 Nagoya, Japan (Proceedings)
21-27 May
General Chair: Toshio Fukuda

ICRA 1994 San Diego, CA USA (Proceedings)
8-13 May
General Chair: William Gruver

ICRA 1993 Atlanta, GA USA (Proceedings)
2-6 May
Ceneral Chair: Wayne Book

ICRA 1992 Nice, France (Proceedings)
12-14 May
General Chair: Giuseppe Menga

ICRA 1991 Sacramento, CA USA (Proceedings)
9-11 April
General Chair: T.C. (Steve) Hsia

ICRA 1990 Cincinnati, OH, USA (Proceedings)
13-18 May
General Chair: Richard A. Volz

ICRA 1989 Scottsdale, AZ USA (Proceedings)
14-19 May
General Chair: George Bekey
Program Chair: John Hollerbach

ICRA 1988 Philadelphia, PA USA (Proceedings)
24-29 April
General Chair: T. Pavlidis

ICRA 1987 Raleigh, NC USA (Proceedings)
31 March - 3 April
General Chair: Y.C. 'Larry' Ho

ICRA 1986 San Francisco, CA USA (Proceedings)
7-10 April
General Chair: Antal (Tony) Bejczy

ICRA 1985 St Louis, MO USA (Website, Proceedings)
25-28 March
General Chair: K.S. Fu
Program Chair: T. Lozano-Perez

1984: ICRA Atlanta, GA USA (Proceedings)
13-15 March
General Chair: John Jarvis
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