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IROS Keywords

Profile Keyword
AO Medical Robots and Systems
AO Rehabilitation Robotics
AO Telerobotics
AO Soft-tissue Modeling
AO Surgical Robotics
AO Teleoperated Surgical Systems
AO Medical Systems, Healthcare and Assisted Living
AT Human-Robot Interaction
AT  Voice, Speech Synthesis  and Recognition
AT  Physical Human-Robot Interaction 
AT  Human Performance Augmentation 
AT  Gesture, Posture, Social Spaces and Facial Expressions
AT  Computer-assisted Diagnosis and Therapy
AT  Humanoid Ethics and Philosophy 
AT  Learning from Demonstration 
CL Biologically Inspired Robots
CL  Biomimetics
CL  Flexible Arms
CL  Evolutionary Robotics
CL Neurorobotics
DK Computer Vision
DK  Visual Learning
DK  Gripper Hand design 
DK  Perception for Grasping and Manipulation 
EF Legged Robots
EF  Wheeled Robots 
EF  Mechanism Design 
EF  Dynamics 
EF  Surveillance Systems 
EF  Robotics in Hazardous Fields 
EF  Energy and Environment Monitoring and Management 
EF  Mining and Demining
EY Humanoid Robots
EY  Humanoid and Bipedal Locomotion 
EY  Motion Control 
EY  Human-Humanoid Interaction 
EY  Self-Organized Robot Systems
EY  Manipulation and Compliant Assembly
EY  Humanoid Interaction
EY  Compliant Assembly
EY  Multifingered Hands 
EY  Humanitarian Technology for Energy, Environment and Safety
EY  Swarm Robots
EY  Motion and Trajectory Generation 
EY  Task Planning 
HZ Localization
HZ Recognition
HZ  Visual Navigation 
HZ  Human Detection and Tracking 
HZ  Omnidirectional Vision 
JX Grasping
JX  Intelligent Transportation Systems
JX  Collision Detection and Avoidance 
JX  Dexterous Manipulation 
JX  Manipulation Planning and Control
JX  Path Planning for Manipulators
JX  Mobile Manipulation
JX Nonholonomic Motion Planning
JX Contact Modeling
JX Cooperative Manipulators
JX Integrated Planning and Control
JX Robotics in Construction
KL Motion and Path Planning
KL  Kinematics
KL  Joint/Mechanism
KL  Parallel Robots
KL  Sensor Networks 
KL  Underactuated Robots 
KL  Parts Feeding and Fixturing
KL  Communication-aware Sensor and Motion Planning
KL  Factory Automation
KL  Integrated Task and Motion Planning 
KL  Manufacturing and Production Systems 
KL  Variable Stiffness Actuator Design and Control 
KL  Smart Infrastructures 
MB Learning and Adaptive Systems
MB  Robot Safety
MB  Adative Control
MB  AI Reasoning Methods 
MB  Force Control 
MB  Formal Methods in Robotics and Automation 
MB  Cognitive Human-Robot Interaction 
MB  Human Centered Planning and Control 
MB  Human Centered Automation 
MB  Human and Humanoid Skills/Cognition/Interaction 
MG Distributed Robot Systems
MG  Software and Architecture
MG  Cooperating Robots 
MG  Autonomous Agents
MG  Planning, Scheduling and Coordination 
MG  Control Architectures and Programming 
MG  Animation and Simulation 
MG  Agent-Based Systems 
MG  Behavior-Based Systems 
MG  Programming Environment 
MG  Architectures, Protocols and Middle-ware for Networked Robots 
MG  Multi-Robot Coordination
MG  Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking 
MK Haptics and Haptic Interfaces
MK  Force and Tactile Sensing
MK  Search and rescue Robots 
MK  Compliance and Impedance Control 
MK  Virtual Reality and Interfaces
MK  Hydraulic/Pneumatic Actuators 
MK  Smart Actuators 
MY Aerial Robotics
MY  New Actuators for Robotics 
MY  Cellular and Modular Robots 
MY  Climbing Robots
MY  Redundant Robots
MY  Tendon/Wire Mechanism
MY  Green Manufacturing 
NX Visual Serving
NX Visual Tracking
NX Calibration and Identification
NX Micro/Nano Robots
NX Industrial Robots
NX Micro-Manipulation
NX Networked Robots
NX Neural and Fuzzy Control
NX Nano Manipulation
NX Intrusion Detection, Identification and Security
NX Nano Assembly
NX Nano Automation
NX Nano Manufacturing
SL Mapping
SL  Marine Robotics 
SL  Field Robots 
SL  Space Robotics and Automation
SL  Failure Detection and Recovery 
SL  Reactive and Sensor-Based Planning 
SL  Robotics in Agriculture and Forestry 
SL  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 
SL  Unmanned Aerial Systems 
SL  Sensor-Based Planning 
SRO Service Robots
SRO  Cloud Robotics 
SRO  Robot Companions and Social Human-Robot Interation 
SRO  Domestic Robots and Home Automation 
SRO  Education Robotics 
SRO  Personal Robots 
SRO  Automation in Life Sciences: Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Health care 
SRO  Entertainment Robotics 
SRO Brain Machine Interface
SRO Networked Teleoperation
SRO Ubiquitous Robotics
SRO Intelligent Toys
WB Sensor Fusion
WB Path Planning for Multiple Mobile Robots or Agents
WB Navigation
WB Range Sensing
WB Sonars