• Humanoids Photo Contest

    Humanoids 2017 Photo Contest
    The overall winner for Best Humanoid Photo featured a pensive iCub and was entitled “To be, or not to be” by Pedro Vicente from the Vislab in Lisbon, Portugal.

  • RAS 3Ps 2017

    The RAS Administrative Committee selects next President-Elect during IROS 2017. The three "Ps" are shown here. l-r: Ning Xi,  2018-2019 President, Wolfram Burgard, 2020-2021 President, Satoshi Tadokoro, 2016-2017 President 

  • MRS 2017
    IEEE International Symposium on Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems (MRS 2017) to be held 4-5 December 2017 at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
  • BioRob2018
  • DL T Fukuda
    Toshio Fukuda, IEEE Division X Director, participates as RAS Distinguished Lecturer at the IEEE International Meeting on Power, Electronics and Computing (ROPEC 2017)
  • Presidents at IROS2017

    Past, Present and Future RAS Presidents gather at IROS 2017.
    l-r: Kazuhiro Kosuge, David Orin, Raja Chatila, Satoshi Tadokoro, Ning Xi, Wolfram Burgard

  • WiE Luncheon at IROS 2017
    More than 100 Women in Robotics attend the WiE Luncheon at IROS 2017. They were treated to a talk given by Sabine Hauert (center).
  • CASE 2017 Student Volunteers
    CASE 2017 was a success, in part because of these awesome Student Volunteers!
  • SEIDROB MOU signing

    The IEEE Robotics & Automation Society (RAS)  signs a Sister Society Agreement with the Spanish Society for Research and Development in Robotics (SEIDROB).
    l-r: Satoshi Tadokoro, RAS President and Anibal Ollero, SEIDROB President

  • Summer School on Control of Surgical Robots
    58 Students participate in the Summer School on Control of Surgical Robots, held at the University of Verona, Verona, Italy


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