If the submission is an evolved version of a paper that was previously submitted and reviewed by the Transactions (this includes papers that receive both revise-resubmit and reject decisions), then the authors are required to indicate the previous paper number in the appropriate field ("Previous Submission") on the submissions page. The revised manuscript should be formatted so that any changes can be easily identified by the reviewers, by using, e.g., colored or bold text to indicate revised passages.

Editors may prescreen articles immediately after they are submitted and before they are transmitted to referees for evaluation. The purpose of such prescreening is to verify that the article adheres to minimum criteria set forth by IEEE, as well as by the organizational unit responsible for the specific publication. Typical prescreening measures include the following:

  • a. The author(s) have followed the IEEE guidelines for style.
  • b. The author(s) have not obviously violated IEEE Policies.
  • c. The article is comprehensible (in other words, not so poorly written that it is unreadable).
  • d. The subject and contents of the article meet the scope of the periodical or a specific issue.
  • e. The article meets a minimum criterion for technical substance established for the periodical.

If the Editor assesses that a submission has met prescreening criteria 3.a through 3.d but has not met criterion 3.e, the Editor shall consult with at least two members of the editorial board for concurrence. Rejection on the basis of criterion 3.e shall require the general agreement of the Editor and those consulted. An article is considered in review if it passes the prescreening process and is forwarded to referees. An “administrative reject” refers to an article that does not meet the prescreening measures and is, therefore, returned to the author(s) with explanation.

The TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS will consider submissions for which earlier versions of the work may have appeared in an IEEE-sponsored conference proceedings. However, for such submissions, the paper must not be just a mere extension of the conference proceedings paper filling in, e.g., details of proofs or additional corollaries, additional experiments, or more detailed background and narrative. Rather, the journal submission must contain new results of substantive research significance and impact beyond the conference version. The authors must make clear in the text of the paper the importance and research significance of these additional results, including any changes and additions to the original material presented in the conference version. Sources must be indicated during the submission procedure and explicitly cited in the manuscript. If the copyright holder of the conference paper is not IEEE, authors should also be aware of potential infringement in case of major overlap in material with the paper submitted to the TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS.

This modified policy is in place to comply with IEEE guidelines on reducing as much as possible the overlap between conference and journal publications archived in IEEEE Xplore, and also to reduce the phenomenon of split citations between the conference and journal versions of the paper. Moreover, authors now have the option of presenting their work recently accepted by T-RO at an upcoming ICRA (for further information, see the news item "Presenting your Acceped Transactions Paper at ICRA 2018" on this webpage), similar to the option offered by the Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L). When considering whether or not to submit a paper to a conference and to evolve it later into a journal submission, authors are strongly encouraged to consider both this alternative option and the one offered by RA-L.

The Transactions will NOT consider submissions that are currently under review for a conference; such submissions will be returned immediately without review.

We thank the many reviewers who have played a crucial role in keeping the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS (T-RO) as the premier journal in the field. The high quality standards of our reviewing process rely on the expertise and dedication of peer reviewers and editorial board members. Most papers submitted to T-RO benefit from the detailed comments provided in the technical reviews, complemented by the recommendation of the handling associate editor. Each review process is carefully screened by one of the editors before deciding on the disposition of the paper. As a result (and independently from acceptance or not), authors are often given constructive indications for improving the content and appearance of their original submission. The following is the alphabetic list of the reviewers who completed at least one T-RO review in the period between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015. Many reviewers have reviewed multiple papers. To all these colleagues, and to anyone who may have been inadvertently left out, we extend our sincere thanks.

                                                                                                                                                     FRANK PARK
                                                                                                                                                     T-RO Editor-in-Chief

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Vendittelli,  Marilena Yang, James ?
Vendittelli, Marilena Yang, Yezhou ?

The IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS publishes regular papers, short papers, communications items, survey papers, and book reviews.

    • Regular papers describe a significant result or set of results that are original, of high impact and significance, and extend the state-of-the-art in robotics.
    • Short papers usually describe a single result, experiment, or technique of general interest for which a short treatment is appropriate.
    • Communications items are a separate class of short manuscripts that are subject to an expedited review process. Appropriate items include (but are not limited to) rebuttals and/or counterexamples of previously published papers. Normally the editors will review these submissions internally, a will request outside review when appropriate.
    • Survey papers should cover emerging research topics in Robotics or have a tutorial or review nature of sufficiently large interest to the Transactions audience. Authors of survey papers must submit a proposal to the the Editor-in-Chief prior to submission. This proposal should address the need for the survey article (including the potential audience and T-RO relevance), give a summary of the authors' qualifications to write the survey (a survey article should be written by leading experts in the field), and provide a proposed bibliography. The EiC in conjunction with the Senior Editors Panel will then determine whether the proposed article may be submitted for review. The standard length of published survey papers is up to fourteen Transactions pages.
    • Book reviews of special interest to Robotics are also considered and reviewed by members of the Editorial Board. Interested authors or publishers should contact the Editor-in-Chief.

Papers describing specific current (industrial and beyond) applications are encouraged, provided that the designs represent the best current practice, detailed characteristics and performance are included, and they are of general interest.

Multipart papers will only be published if there is compelling rationale for a multipart treatment. All parts of such submissions must be accepted for any part to be published.

Papers submitted to a special issue are handled similarly to normal contributions.

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