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IEEE Policy Regarding Prescreening of Articles by Editors

Editors may prescreen articles immediately after they are submitted and before they are transmitted to referees for evaluation. The purpose of such prescreening is to verify that the article adheres to minimum criteria set forth by IEEE, as well as by the organizational unit responsible for the specific publication. Typical prescreening measures include the following:

  • a. The author(s) have followed the IEEE guidelines for style.
  • b. The author(s) have not obviously violated IEEE Policies.
  • c. The article is comprehensible (in other words, not so poorly written that it is unreadable).
  • d. The subject and contents of the article meet the scope of the periodical or a specific issue.
  • e. The article meets a minimum criterion for technical substance established for the periodical.

If the Editor assesses that a submission has met prescreening criteria 3.a through 3.d but has not met criterion 3.e, the Editor shall consult with at least two members of the editorial board for concurrence. Rejection on the basis of criterion 3.e shall require the general agreement of the Editor and those consulted. An article is considered in review if it passes the prescreening process and is forwarded to referees. An “administrative reject” refers to an article that does not meet the prescreening measures and is, therefore, returned to the author(s) with explanation.

Submitting Revisions

If the submission is an evolved version of a paper that was previously submitted and reviewed by the Transactions (this includes papers that receive both revise-resubmit and reject decisions), then the authors are required to indicate the previous paper number in the appropriate field ("Previous Submission") on the submissions page.

Submitting a Previously Published Conference Paper

The TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS will consider submissions for which earlier versions of the work may have appeared in a conference proceedings. For such submissions, the authors must make clear how the journal submission extends the results of the previously published conference paper in a meaningful and substantive way, enough to warrant publication in the Transactions as a separate article. The Transactions will NOT consider submissions that are currently under review for a conference. Sources must be indicated during the submission procedure, explicitly cited in the manuscript, and any differences, changes, or additions must be discussed in the text of the paper. If the copyright holder of the conference paper is not IEEE, authors should also be aware of potential copyright infringement in case of major overlap in material with the paper submitted to the TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS.

List of Reviewers

We thank the many reviewers who have played an essential role in keeping the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS (T-RO) as the primary and most respected journal in the field. The high quality standards of our reviewing process rely on the expertise and dedication of peer reviewers and editorial board members. Most papers submitted to T-RO benefit from the detailed comments provided in the technical reviews, complemented by the recommendation of the handling associate editor. Each review process is carefully screened by one of the editors before deciding on the disposition of the paper. As a result (and independently from acceptance or not), authors are often given constructive indications for improving the content and appearance of their original submission. In general, authors consider also the timeliness of the review process among the quality indices of a journal. For T-RO and its reviewers, this is a very successful accomplishment: over the past few years, the average time from submission to first decision has constantly remained below three and half months. The following is the alphabetic list of the reviewers who completed at least one T-RO review in the period between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014. Many reviewers have reviewed multiple papers. To all these colleagues, and to anyone who may have been inadvertently left out, we extend our sincere thanks.

                                                                                                                                  FRANK PARK
                                                                                                                                  T-RO Editor-in-Chief


Ayanian, Nora

Bhattacharya, Subhrajit

ABBA, Gabriel

Ayvali, Elif

Bhounsule, Pranav

Abbott, Jake

Azartash, Haleh

Biagiotti, Luigi

Abiko, Satoko

Azevedo Coste, Christine

Bianchini, Gianni

Adams, Martin

azinheira, Jose Raul

Bicchi, Antonio

Adorno, Bruno Vilhena


Billard, Aude

Agarwal, Pratik


Bingham, Brian

Agheli, Mahdi

Bae, Ji-Hun

Bini, Enrico

Aghili, Farhad

Bagnell, James

Bishop, Adrian

Agmon, Noa

Bai, Shaoping

Björkman, Mårten

Ahmadi, Mojtaba


Blanco, Jose-Luis

Ahmed, Nisar

Balkcom, Devin

Bobadilla, Leonardo

Ahn, Ho Seok

Ball, David

Boctor, Emad

Akbari Hamed, Kaveh

Bandyopadhyay, Sandipan

Boggild, Peter

Akella, Srinivas

Barbé, laurent

Bohg, Jeannette

Alberti, Marina

Barfoot, Timothy

Bonev, Ilian

Aldana, Carlos Ivan

Barrado, Cristina

Bonfe, Marcello

Alempijevic, Alen

Barreto, João P.

Bonnifait, Philippe

Alfayad, Samer

Basilico, Nicola

Boonvisut, Pasu

ALICI, Gursel

Batista, Pedro

Bopardikar, Shaunak D.

Allgower, Frank

Bayram, Haluk

Borghesan, Gianni

Allibert, Guillaume

Bazin, Jean-Charles

Borras Sol, Julia

Alterovitz, Ron

BEAREE, Richard

Borum, Andy

Althoefer, Kaspar

Becerra, Hector

borzage, matthew

Amato, Christopher

Bechlioulis, Charalampos

Bouyarmane, Karim

Amend, John

Becker, Aaron

Bowling, Alan

An, Sang-ik

Becker, Brian C.

Boyer, Frédéric

Andrade-Cetto, Juan

Bekiroglu, Yasemin

Bozma, H. Isil

Andreasson, Henrik

Bekris, Kostas E.

Braun, David

Andreff, Nicolas

Belter, Dominik

Bretl, Timothy

Angeles, Jorge

Ben Amor, Heni

Breuers, Stefan

Antonelli, Gianluca

Ben Ouezdou, Fathi

Briñón Arranz, Lara

Aoi, Shinya

Ben-Tzvi, Pinhas

Broucke, Mireille

Aoustin, Yannick

*Benallegue, Mehdi

Bruckmann, Tobias

Aoyama, Tadayoshi

Bencatel, Ricardo

Bruyninckx, Herman

Aoyama, Hisayuki

Berbyuk, Viktor

Bullo, Francesco

Arakelian, Vigen

Berenson, Dmitry

burdet, etienne

Aranda-Bricaire, Eduardo

Bergamasco, Massimo

Burgner, Jessica

Arata, Jumpei

Bergbreiter, Sarah

Burgner-Kahrs, Jessica

Arikawa, Keisuke

Bergeles, Christos

Burschka, Darius

Armingol, Jose

Berkelman, Peter

Buschmann, Thomas

Arras, Kai Oliver

Berman, Spring

Butler, Zack

Artemiadis, Panagiotis

Bernabeu, Enrique J


Atallah, Kais

Berselli, Giovanni

Cadena Lerma, Cesar Dario

Athitsos, Vassilis

Bertozzi, Massimo

Cadenat, Viviane

Atkeson, Christopher

Bertram, Torsten

Calandra, Roberto

Atkinson, David

Besada-Portas, Eva

Calinon, Sylvain

Avizzano, Carlo Alberto

Bestaoui, Yasmina

Callegari, Massimo

Avron, Joseph

Bhagat, Umesh

Camarillo, David B.

Axelsson, Patrik

Bhattacharya, Sourabh

Candido, Salvatore

Cappelleri, David

Chwa, Dongkyoung

De, Avik

Caputo, Barbara

Ciocarlie, Matei

Debrouwere, Frederik

Carbone, Giuseppe

Civera, Javier

*Del Prete, Andrea

Cardou, Philippe

Clark, Christopher M.

Demonceaux, Cédric

Carlone, Luca

Clark, Jonathan

Desaraju, Vishnu

Carloni, Raffaella

Collins, Emmanuel

Detry, Renaud

Carlsen, Rika Wright

Collins, Steven H.

Diao, Xiumin

Carlson, Tom

Colomé, Adrià

Diaz-Rodriguez, Miguel

*Caro, Stéphane

Consolini, Luca

Dietrich, Alexander

Caron, Guillaume

Constantinescu, Daniela

Dietrich, Franz

Carpentier, Justin

Corrales, Juan Antonio

Diller, Eric D.

Carpin, Stefano

Correll, Nikolaus

Dimarogonas, Dimos V.

Carreras, Marc

Corso, Jason

Dimitrov, Dimitar Nikolaev

Carretero, Juan A.

Cortes, Juan

Ding, Jerry

Carricato, Marco

Cortesao, Rui

Ding, Jienan

Carrillo, Henry

Cots, Olivier

Dogar, Mehmet Remzi

Cassandras, Christos G.

Courtial, Estelle

Dolan, John M.

Castellini, Claudio

Coutard, Laurent

Doncieux, Stéphane

Ceccarelli, Marco

Cowan, Noah J.

Donelan, Peter

Celik, Ozkan

Cowlagi, Raghvendra

Dong, Haiwei

Cempini, Marco

Crespi, Alessandro

Dorigo, Marco

Censi, Andrea

Cruz-Martín, Ana

Dorst, Leo

Chablat, Damien

Cuadrado, Javier

Doumit, Marc

Chakraborty, Nilanjan

Cui, Lei

Dragan, Anca

Chakravorty, Suman

Cunha, Rita

Drexler, Dániel András

Chandraker, Manmohan

Cunningham, Alexander G.

Ducard, Guillaume Jacques Joseph

Chang, Doyoung


Duchaine, Vincent

Chardonnet, Jean-Remy

D'Ippolito, Filippo

Dupont, Pierre

Chaumette, Francois

da Silva, Bruno

Durand Petiteville, Adrien

Cheah, C. C.

Dahiya, Ravinder S.

Dutta, Ashish

Chen, I-Ming

Dai, Hongkai


Chen, Wenjie

Dai, Jian

Eckert, Peter

Chen, Xi

Dakulovic, Marija

Eidenberger, Robert

Cheong, Joono

Dalibard, Sebastien

Ek, Carl Henrik

Chevallereau, Christine

DallaLibera, Fabio

Ekekrantz, Johan

Chiaverini, Stefano

Damaren, Christopher

El Khoury, Sahar

*Chirikjian, Gregory

Dames, Philip

Endres, Dominik

Chitsaz, Hamidreza

Damianou, Christakis

Englsberger, Johannes

Chli, Margarita

Danès, Patrick

*Escande, Adrien

Cho, Baek-Kyu

Danescu, Radu

Everett, Louis J.

Cho, Kyu-Jin

Dang, Anh Duc

Evrard, Paul

Chocron, Olivier

Dani, Ashwin

Ewerton, Marco

Choi, Han-Lim

Das, Amaren P


Choi, Junho

Davey, Jay

Fabri, Simon G.

Chopra, Nikhil

Dayoub, Feras

Fainekos, Georgios

Choset, Howie

de la Cruz, Jesús M

Fallon, Maurice

Chun, Changmook

De Luca, Alessandro

Farkhatdinov, Ildar

Chung, Hoam

De Maria, Giuseppe

Fazli, Pooyan

Chung, Soon-Jo

De Momi, Elena

Fearing, Ronald

Chung, Wan Kyun

De Raedt, Luc

Feix, Thomas

Fernandez-Madrigal, Juan-Antonio

Gibbens, Peter

Henry, Peter

Ferraresi, Carlo

Gil, Jorge Juan

Herder, Just

Ferruz, Joaquín

Giorelli, Michele

Herisse, Bruno

Fidler, Sanja

Goehler, Craig

Hernandez, Emili

Filippidis, Ioannis

Gogu, Grigore

Herrero-Perez, David

Fiorini, Paolo

GOKTOGAN, Ali Haydar

Hertkorn, Katharina

Firmani, Flavio

Goldberg, Benjamin

Hesch, Joel

Fischer, Peer

Goldman, Roger E.

Hines, Lindsey

Fishel, Jeremy

González-Fierro, Miguel

Hirata, Yasuhisa

Fitch, Robert

Gosselin, Clement

Ho, Van

Flacco, Fabrizio

Goswami, Ambarish

Hoeppner, Hannes

Fogliaroni, Paolo

Gouttefarde, Marc

*Hollinger, Geoffrey

Folkesson, John

Govaers, Felix

Hong, Wei

Fontanelli, Daniele

Gracias, Nuno

Horri, Nadjim

Forbes, James Richard

Granström, Karl

Hover, Franz

Forster, Christian

Grant, Edward

Howard, Matthew

Fraichard, Thierry

Gregg, Robert D.

Hsieh, M. Ani

Fraisse, Philippe

Gretton, Charles

Hu, Xiaoming

Franceschelli, Mauro

Grisetti, Giorgio

Hua, Minh-Duc

Franchi, Antonio

Grizzle, J.W

Huang, Guoquan

Frank, Heinz

Groeger, Martin

Huang, Qiang

Frazzoli, Emilio

Gross, Roderich

Huang, Shoudong

Freitas, Gustavo

Grossard, Mathieu

Huang, Shuguang

Frese, Udo

Gu, Yu

Huang, Tian

Frew, Eric W.

Guedelha, Nuno

Hurst, Jonathan

Frisoli, Antonio

Guerin, Kelleher

Hutchinson, Seth

Fu, Henry

Guivant, Jose

Hwang, Gilgueng

Fu, Michael J.

Guo, Chao

Hyon, Sang-Ho

Fujimoto, Yasutaka

Gupta, Satyandra K.


Fukaya, Naoki

Gutmann, Jens-Steffen

Iagnemma, Karl

Fukuoka, Yasuhiro

Görner, Martin

Ibanez, Aurélien

Fumagalli, Matteo


Iida, Fumiya


Ha Quang, Minh

Ikemata, Yoshito

Galloway, Kevin

Ha, Junhyoung

Imre, Evren

Galvez Lopez, Dorian

Haber, David

Indelman, Vadim

Gams, Andrej

Haddadi, Amir

Inoue, Takahiro

Gan, Dongming

Haddadin, Sami

Inouye, Joshua

Gan, Seng Keat

Hager, Gregory

Iordachita, Iulian

*Gans, Nicholas

HALIYO, Dogan Sinan

Iribe, Masatsugu

Gao, Zhen

Hamel, Tarek

Ishi, Carlos Toshinori


Hanazawa, Yuta

Ishida, Hiroshi

Garcia, Mariano

Harada, Kensuke

Isler, Volkan

Gas, Bruno

Harada, Takashi


Gasparri, Andrea

Hardy, Jason

Jaillet, Leonard

Gauthier, Michael

Haschke, Robert

Jain, Abhinandan

Gayle, Russell

Hashimoto, Koichi

Jakuba, Michael

Gazeau, Jean Pierre

Hatton, Ross

Janabi-Sharifi, Farrokh

Geyer, Hartmut

Hauser, Kris

Jarrassé, Nathanael

Ghidoni, Stefano

Hayet, Jean-Bernard

Jaulin, Luc

Ghosh, Ambarish

Heinen, Milton

Jegou, Herve

Jeon, Seokhee

Kladis, Georgios P

Lamiraux, Florent

Jia, Yan-Bin

Klatzky, Roberta

Lamperski, Andrew

Jiang, Jingjing

Kloetzer, Marius

Lan, Chao-Chieh

Jiang, Jun

Kneip, Laurent

Langelaan, Jack W.


Knepper, Ross A

Laroche, Edouard

Jiang, Qimi

Knoll, Alois

Laschi, Cecilia

Jobstmann, Barbara

Ko, Seong Young

Lathrop, Ray

Johannsson, Hordur

*Kober, Jens

Latif, Yasir

Johnson, Aaron

Kobilarov, Marin

Lau, Darwin

Johnson, Eric

Koganezawa, Koichi

Lawitzky, Martin

Jones, Bryan

Kolling, Andreas

Lawrence, Dale


Kong, Xianwen

Lazaro, Maria Teresa

Kaess, Michael

Kong, Zhaodan

Le Ny, Jerome

Kagawa, Takahiro

Konidaris, George Dimitri

Lecours, Alexandre

Kajita, Shuuji

Konno, Atsushi

Lee, Chang-Ryeol

Kallio, Pasi Johannes

Konstantinova, Jelizaveta

Lee, Hyunglae

Kallmann, Marcelo

Kontitsis, Michail

Lee, Sang-Hun

Kamegawa, Tetsushi

Koo, Ja Choon

Leibold (Sobotka), Marion

Kaminaga, Hiroshi

Koo, Seongyong

lengagne, sebastien

Kaminer, Isaac

Kothari, Mangal

Lenzi, Tommaso

Kanda, Takefumi

Kotlarski, Jens

Leon, Beatriz

Kang, Donghoon

Kovecses, Jozsef

Levine, Sergey

Kantor, George

Krajník, Tomáš

Li, Wai Ho

Kar, Indra Narayan

Krause, Andreas

LI, Xiang

Karaman, Sertac

Kress-Gazit, Hadas

Li, Xiaobo

Karayiannidis, Yiannis

Krieger, Axel

Li, Zhibin

Kato, Naomi

Kristan, Matej

Li, Zhijun

Katsev, Max

Kronander, Klas

Lien, Jyh-Ming

Kawai, Hiroyuki

Krovi, Venkat

Lim, Hyon

Kawamoto, Hiroaki

Krut, Sebastien

Lim, Jongwoo

Kazemi, Moslem

Kruusmaa, Maarja

Lin, Chi-Yin

Keith, François

Kuchenbecker, Katherine J.

Lin, Pei-Chun

Keogh, Eamonn

Kuemmerle, Rainer

Lippiello, Vincenzo

Kermorgant, Olivier

Kuindersma, Scott

Liu, Jingtai

Kesner, Samuel B.

Kuipers, Benjamin

Liu, Changchun

Keymasi Khalaji, Ali

Kularatne, Dhanushka

Liu, Guanfeng

KHALIL, Wisama

Kulic, Dana

Liu, Hong

Khansari-Zadeh, Seyed Mohammad

Kumar, Suren

Liu, Hongbin

Kikuuwe, Ryo

Kumon, Makoto

Liu, Taoming

Kim, Ayoung

Kunze, Lars

Liu, Xin-Jun

Kim, Hyunsoo

Kupcsik, Andras

Liu, Yen-Chen

Kim, Jong-Hwan

*Kurniawati, Hanna

Liu, Yugang

Kim, Keehoon

Kutzer, Michael Dennis Mays

Loianno, Giuseppe

Kim, MinJun

Kwon, Ji-Wook

*Loizou, Savvas

Kim, Seungsu

Kwon, Junghyun

Lopes, Manuel

Kim, Soo Hyun

Kwon, SangJoo

Low, Bryan Kian Hsiang

Kim, Suseong

Kyberd, Peter

Lu, Wenjie

Kirchner, Frank

Kähler, Olaf

Lu, Ying

Kitanov, Andrej


Lui, Yui Man

Kjellstrom, Hedvig

Lakatos, Dominic

Luinge, Henk

Luo, Jingru

Mezouar, Youcef

Nieto, Juan


Michael, Nathan

Nijmeijer, Hendrik

M'Sirdi, Nacer

Mikczinski, Manuel R.

Nishio, Shuichi

Ma, Shugen

Milano, Michele

Nishioka, Yasutaka

Maddern, Will

Mirats Tur, Josep M.

Nisky, Ilana

Maeda, Guilherme Jorge

Misra, Sarthak

Noack, Benjamin

Maeda, Shingo

Mistry, Michael

Notarstefano, Giuseppe

Maeda, Yusuke

Mitani, Atsushi

Nourani-Vatani, Navid

Maggiore, Manfredi

Moallem, Mehrdad

Nuño, Emmanuel

Magnusson, Martin

Mochiyama, Hiromi


Mahjoubi, Hosein

Mohammed, Samer

O'Malley, Marcia

Mahoney, Arthur

Mombaur, Katja

*Oetomo, Denny

Mainprice, Jim

Montano, Luis

Ohka, Masahiro

Majdik, Andras

Montebelli, Alberto

Okada, Masafumi

Majidi, Carmel

Moon, Hyungpil

Okamura, Allison M.

Majumdar, Anirudha

Morales, Antonio

Omari, Sammy

Makita, Satoshi

*Morbidi, Fabio

Onal, Cagdas Denizel

Malzahn, Jörn

Morgansen, Kristi

Oriolo, Giuseppe

Manchester, Ian

Morimoto, Jun

Orlowski, Christopher Thomas

Manes, Costanzo

Morin, Pascal

Ostrowski, James

Manoonpong, Poramate

Morisawa, Mitsuharu

Osypiuk, Rafal

Mansard, Nicolas

Moro, Federico Lorenzo

Ota, Jun

Manschitz, Simon

Mosteo, Alejandro R.

Ottaviano, Erika

Manzoor, Sajjad

Mouret, Jean-Baptiste

Otten, Nathan

Marchand, Eric

Mourikis, Anastasios

Ouimet, Mike

Mariottini, Gian Luca

*Moustris, George

Owaki, Dai

Marques, Lino

*Mueller, Andreas

Ozawa, Ryuta

Martel, Sylvain

Munoz-Melendez, Angelica

Ozay, Necmiye

Martin, Philippe

Muradore, Riccardo

Özdemir, Mustafa

Martinelli, Agostino

Murillo, Ana Cristina


Martinez-Cantin, Ruben

Murrieta-Cid, Rafael

Pajarinen, Joni

Marton, Zoltan-Csaba

Muscato, Giovanni

Palli, Gianluca

Masia, Lorenzo

Musicki, Darko

Pallottino, Lucia

Matson, Eric

Mustafa, Shabbir Kurbanhusen

Palmieri, Luigi

Matsubara, Takamitsu


Palunko, Ivana

Matsukawa, Yoshihiko

Nagarajan, Umashankar

Pan, Jia

Maufroy, Christophe

Nagy, Zoltan

Panagou, Dimitra

Maza, Ivan

Najjaran, Homayoun

Papadopoulos, Evangelos

McDonald, John

Nakadai, Kazuhiro

Parenti Castelli, Vincenzo

McInroy, John

Nakanishi, Jun

Park, Sohee

McLain, T.W.

naldi, roberto

Park, Sukho

Meek, Sanford

Namiki, Akio

Park, Yong-Lae

mehrandezh, mehran

Nanayakkara, Thrishantha

Parmiggiani, Alberto

Meizel, Dominique

Naso, David

Patel, Rajnikant V.

menard, tomas

Naveau, Maximilien

Pathak, Kaustubh

Menciassi, Arianna

Neira, José

Patil, Sachin

Meng, Ziyang

Nelson, Carl

Patoglu, Volkan

Merlet, Jean-Pierre

Nemec, Bojan

Patron-Perez, Alonso

Mersha, Abeje Y.

Nicosevici, Tudor

Patton, James

Mezei, Ivan

Nielsen, Christopher

Paull, Liam

Pavone, Marco

Paz, Lina María

Remy, C. David

Sankaranarayanan, Ganesh

Peer, Angelika

Renzaglia, Alessandro

Sariola, Veikko

Pennycott, Andrew

Rhudy, Matthew

Sarkar, Nilanjan

Pereira, Guilherme

Richardson, Andrew

Sasaki, Yoko

Perez Gracia, Alba

Righetti, Ludovic

Sathia Narayanan, Madusudanan

Perrin, Nicolas Yves

Rimon, Elon

Scaramuzza, Davide

Pesterev, Alexander

Rios-Martinez, Jorge

Schaffernicht, Erik

Petit, Antoine

Rizzo, Alessandro

schenato, luca

PETIT, Nicolas

Roa, Maximo A.

Scheuer, Alexis

Petrovic, Ivan

Robert, Seifried

Schlaefer, Alexander

Pezzementi, Zachary

*Robert, Thomas

Schmidt, Christiane

Phee, Louis

Robuffo Giordano, Paolo

Scholz, Jonathan

Picard, David

Rocha, Rui P.

Schulz, Dirk

Pierson, Alyssa

Rocon, Eduardo

Sekiyama, Kosuke

Pimenta, Luciano

Rodriguez y Baena, Ferdinando

Selig, J.M.

Pinies, Pedro

Rodriguez, Alberto

Sentis, Luis

Pivtoraiko, Mihail

Rodriguez, Samuel

Sergi, Fabrizio

Pizarro, Oscar

Rodriguez-Seda, Erick J.

Serra, Pedro

Plaku, Erion

Rojas, Nicolas

Serrano, Fernando

Plante, Jean-Sebastien

Rolf, Matthias

Sevcik, Keith

Platt, Robert

Roman, Chris

Shademan, Azad


Ros, Lluis

Shah, Julie A.

Plonski, Patrick

Rosa, Lorenzo

Shammas, Elie

Poignet, Philippe

Rosa, Nelson

Sharma, Nitin

Popa, Dan

Rosell, Jan

Shell, Dylan

Porez, Mathieu

Rosen, David

Shen, Xiangrong

Portugal, David


Shiller, Zvi

Pott, Andreas

Roy, Rajarshi

Shima, Tal

Potthast, Christian

Rozo, Leonel

Shin, Dongjun

Poulakakis, Ioannis

Rubio, Francisco R.

Silveira, Geraldo

Pounds, Paul

Rucker, Caleb

*Simaan, Nabil

Pradalier, Cedric

Ruffaldi, Emanuele

Simonetto, Andrea

Preucil, Libor

Ruggiero, Fabio

Singh, Surya

Pucci, Daniele

Ruiz, Ubaldo

Siqueira, Adriano

Pulido Fentanes, Jaime

Ruml, Wheeler

Sirouspour, Shahin


Ryll, Markus

Skocaj, Danijel

Qiu, Famin

Ryu, Jeha

Smith, Stephen L.

Quinn, Roger, D.

Ryu, Ji-Chul

Solà, Joan



Song, Dezhen

Rabenorosoa, Kanty

Saab, Layale

Song, Kai-Tai

Raczkowsky, Joerg

Sabattini, Lorenzo


Rakotondrabe, Micky

Sadeghian, Hamid

Souza, Jefferson R.

Raman, Vasumathi

Saeedi, Sajad

Spenko, Matthew

Ramos, Oscar E.

Saga, Satoshi

Spica, Riccardo

Rano, Inaki

Saha, Indranil

Spiers, Adam

Rathinam, Sivakumar

Salcudean, Septimiu E.

Spinello, Luciano

Reichenbach, Tobias

Salvietti, Gionata

Springmann, John

Reinoso, Oscar

Samur, Evren

Sproewitz, Alexander

Reist, Philipp

Sander-Tavallaey, Shiva

Sreenath, Koushil

Rekleitis, Ioannis

Sangwan, Vivek

Sridharan, Mohan

Srinivasa, Siddhartha

Topcu, Ufuk

Wen, John

Stanley, Andrew A.

Torras, Carme

*Wensing, Patrick

Stasse, Olivier

Trejos, Ana Luisa

Whitney, John

Stefas, Nikolaos

Tron, Roberto

Widmer, Lars

Stegagno, Paolo

Troni, Giancarlo

Wieber, Pierre-Brice

Steinberg, Daniel

Trovato, Gabriele

Wiertlewski, Michael

Steinhage, Axel

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Wood, Robert

Stilwell, Daniel



Stol, Karl

Ueda, Jun

Xie, Hui

Stoyanov, Todor

Uemura, Mitsunori

Xu, Daye

Strasdat, Hauke

Ugurlu, Barkan

*Xu, Kai

Strisland, Frode

Upcroft, Ben

Xue, Bin

Stueckler, Joerg

Urakubo, Takateru


Sturm, Jürgen


Yamada, Hiroya

Suarez, Jesus

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Zinn, Michael

Types of Submissions

The IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS publishes regular papers, short papers, communications items, survey papers, and book reviews.

  • Regular papers describe a significant result or set of results that are original, of high impact and significance, and extend the state-of-the-art in robotics.
  • Short papers usually describe a single result, experiment, or technique of general interest for which a short treatment is appropriate.
  • Communications items are a separate class of short manuscripts that are subject to an expedited review process. Appropriate items include (but are not limited to) rebuttals and/or counterexamples of previously published papers. Normally the editors will review these submissions internally, a will request outside review when appropriate.
  • Survey papers should cover emerging research topics in Robotics or have a tutorial or review nature of sufficiently large interest to the Transactions audience. Authors of survey papers must submit a proposal to the the Editor-in-Chief prior to submission. This proposal should address the need for the survey article (including the potential audience and T-RO relevance), give a summary of the authors' qualifications to write the survey (a survey article should be written by leading experts in the field), and provide a proposed bibliography. The EiC in conjunction with the Senior Editors Panel will then determine whether the proposed article may be submitted for review. The standard length of published survey papers is up to fourteen Transactions pages.
  • Book reviews of special interest to Robotics are also considered and reviewed by members of the Editorial Board. Interested authors or publishers should contact the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Papers describing specific current (industrial and beyond) applications are encouraged, provided that the designs represent the best current practice, detailed characteristics and performance are included, and they are of general interest.

    Papers describing specific current (industrial and beyond) applications are encouraged, provided that the designs represent the best current practice, detailed characteristics and performance are included, and they are of general interest.

    Multipart papers will only be published if there is compelling rationale for a multipart treatment. All parts of such submissions must be accepted for any part to be published.

    Papers submitted to a special issue are handled similarly to normal contributions.