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Proposals for Special Issues and Survey Papers

Special Issues

Proposals for special issues should be submitted to the EiC, with a well-articulated, unifying theme that attempts to gather the best work in a particular area of research. Topics can either be areas that are reaching the initial stages of research maturity, or important emerging areas in which research is likely to be advanced by the publication of a collection of high-quality, peer-reviewed papers. Proposals are selected by the EiC in consultation with the senior editors panel and editorial board.

Once a special issue has been selected, guest editors are selected, with one of the current Transactions editors supervising the review and selection process. Guest editors serve as members of the editorial board until the publication of the special issue, and are expected to attend at least one editorial board meeting during that period. Review procedures for special issue submissions are similar to those for regular issues, with the guest editors fulfilling the duties of the associate editors. The supervising editor will carry out the standard editorial functions (e.g., sending decision letters to authors, etc.). If the number of accepted papers is not sufficient to warrant an entire issue, then the accepted papers may be organized into a special section of a regular issue. Further details on submitting a special issue proposal can be obtained by contacting the EiC.

Survey Papers

Survey papers should cover emerging research topics in robotics or have a tutorial or review nature of sufficiently large interest to the Transactions audience. Authors of survey papers must submit a proposal to the editor-in-chief prior to submission. This proposal should address the need for the survey article (including the potential audience and T-RO relevance), give a summary of the authors' qualifications to write the survey (a survey article should be written by leading experts in the field), and provide a proposed bibliography. The EiC, possibly in conjunction with the senior editors panel, will then determine whether the proposed article may be submitted for review. The standard length of published survey papers is up to fourteen Transactions pages.

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