Scope - IEEE Robotics and Automation Society


The IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS publishes, bi-monthly, fundamental scientific papers covering all aspects of robotics. Specifically involved are the following areas as they relate to the field.

  • Kinematics, dynamics, control, modeling and simulation of robots and intelligent machines and systems;
  • Manipulation, grasping, and dexterous hands;
  • Design and mechatronics of robotic mechanisms;
  • Mathematical and computational issues in robotics. Intelligent robotic instrumentation and measurement; vision and other non-contact sensors;
  • Tactile and other contact sensing systems;
  • Sensor integration, fusion, and perception;
  • Assembly and task planning;
  • Teleoperation and telerobotics; haptics;
  • Robot motion planning, path and trajectory planning, localization and navigation;
  • Mobile and autonomous robotics;
  • Legged locomotion and humanoid robots;
  • Micro- and nano-robotics; and
  • Cellular, distributed, and cooperating robotics.
  • Robotics in industry, manufacturing, and flexible automation;
  • Linkages to computer-aided design, engineering, and information systems.
  • Robotics in unstructured environments, including service and household systems, medical systems, construction systems, space and unmanned air systems, underwater systems, and intelligent vehicle and highway systems.
  • Robotics application methodologies such as control, learning, hybrid systems, mathematical optimization, and artificial intelligence.
  • Robotics and intelligent system-related computer hardware, software, and architectures;
  • Advanced programming languages and software development environments; virtual reality; and
  • Human-robot interface and integration.

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