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RAS Guidelines for Workshop and Tutorial Organizers

by the RAS Workshop Oversight Committee


1. Goal

The goal of workshops at RAS sponsored conferences is to explore a specific research question or set of research questions, with an agenda that might be too broad or with talks that might be too speculative for a conference session.

2. Organization

We have observed that prior experience in organizing workshops can greatly increase the quality of the workshop and of its scientific output.  We therefore encourage teams of workshop organizers to include a person who has previously organized one or more workshops.

3. Speakers

The invited speakers and contributed presentations should reflect the state of the art.

4. Format

There should be ample discussion time to discuss the status quo. This discussion time may take the form of a panel or an extended q/a after each talk or session.

5. Dissemination

  • Workshop proposals should contain a plan for dissemination of the outcome of the workshop even if it is only a short report by organizers publicized on a website(a) Workshop proposals should contain a plan for dissemination of the outcome of the workshop even if it is only a short report by organizers publicized on a website
  • Workshop organizers are allowed to solicit papers. However, these papers cannot take the form of conference paper submissions (see 1). While they may be reviewed by the organizers prior to acceptance, they cannot be confused with regular, peer-reviewed, papers. RAS workshop papers cannot be published as peer reviewed papers.

6. Linking to a RAS Technical Committee

Workshop organizers should take under advisement the association with one of the RAS Technical Committees through solicitation of a letter of support.  To obtain such a letter, the organizers should provide to the TC Chairs:

  • list of organizers(a) list of organizers
  • explanation of goals of workshop wrt/ state of the art
  • outline of general program with description of measures to evoke discussion and interaction
  • list of invited speakers and rationale for inviting them
  • criteria for selecting from the submissions based on fit to the workshop topic
  • dissemination method of results(g) plan for soliciting participation

7. Awards

No best paper awards should be given at a workshop. On the other hand, best poster or best presentation awards are allowed. Any award should clearly specify the full title of the workshop and make it clear that it is not an RAS conference award.

8. Layout of Papers

Workshop papers made available to the public must clearly indicate the workshop that they were part of.  It is highly recommended to use the LaTeX style files provided via this link:

9. Sponsorship

Please note that financial transactions related to the Workshop or Tutorial (e.g. financial sponsorship, funding for invited speakers, travel grants, etc.) must be run through the conference accounts.

10. Intellectual Property

Please note that the intellectual property of the content submitted to or presented at the workshops remains with the authors.  The use of this material by the workshop organizers requires the consent of the authors.  If you have arranged for some material to be published through IEEExplore, please have the authors sign an IEEE copyright form.


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