Conference Workshop Oversight Committee

The Workshop Oversight Committee (WOC) is charged with maintaining year-to-year consistency in the quality of the workshops and ensuring they reflect the breadth of technical activities in RAS. The WOC will consist of the past, current and future ICRA Workshop Chairs, a member from the Technical Activities Board (appointed by the Vice President of TAB), and a member from the Conference Activities Board (appointed by the Vice President of CAB) who will serve as the Chair of WOC. WOC will report to the Conference Technical Programs Committee (CAB-T)

The RAS Workshop Oversight Committee supports the workshop and tutorial chairs at the fully RAS-sponsored conferences. The committee pursues the goal of ensuring consistent quality from year to year by creating general workshop guidelines. The committee assists with the implementation of these guidelines regarding the following aspects: proposal and review process, quality of workshops, links to the RAS technical community, issues related to intellectual property, and financial handling of sponsorship.



Oliver Brock portrait
Oliver Brock
Technische Universität Berlin
Berlin, Germany


Marc Toussaint portrait
Marc Toussaint
University of Stuttgart
Stuttgart, Germany


Mariagrazia Dotoli portrait
Mariagrazia Dotoli
Politecnico di Bari
Bari, Italy
Kris Hauser portrait
Kris Hauser
University of Illinois
Urbana (IL), USA
Jaeheung Park portrait
Jaeheung Park
Seoul National University
Seoul, South Korea


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