RAS Constitution and Bylaws- Proposed Revision

A number of amendments have been made to update the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society's Constitution and Bylaws. These amendments have been approved by both the RAS Administrative Committee (AdCom) and the Vice President, IEEE Technical Activities, in accordance with Article XI of the Constitution. The Bylaw amendments will take effect on 13 August 2022. The Constitution amendments will take effect on 12 September unless at least five percent of the voting members of the Society object in writing within 60 days of this notice.

Please send comments or objections to ras@ieee.org.

RAS CONSTITUTION - Summary of Changes

Article V, Section 5 - The addition of IEEE standard language regarding policies for removing a member of the AdCom or an appointed member of a Board/Standing Committee

Article XI, Section 1 and 3 - The addition of an email/electronic voting option for voting on amendments to the constitution (Section 1) and by-laws (Section 3) outside of an assembled AdCom meeting

Revised Constitution

Current Constitution

RAS BYLAWS - Summary of Changes

  • Bylaw III, Section 10 - Addition of Vice President for Media Services (formerly Electronic Products and Services)

  • Bylaw III - Introduces a unified number of Associate Vice President appointments for each board (excluding Conference Activities Board)

Details on composition of Boards moved to their respective bylaws (excluding Financial Activities Board)

  • Bylaw VII - Technical Committees and Working Groups - modified maximum terms for TC chairs

  • Bylaw VIII, Sections 4-9 -  Publication Activities Board Updates to include

PAB Executive Committee
Co-sponsored Journals, New Journals, and Other Publication Committee
Periodical Promotion, New Channels and Finances Committee
Publication Quality Committee
Publication Operations Committee

  • Bylaw XII - Conference Activities Board Updates to include New ICRA Steering Committee

  • Bylaw XV - Media Services Board -  Renaming of Board (previously Electronic Products and Services Board). Name change reflected in other bylaws.

  • Bylaw XVI -  Many standing committees moved under bylaws for their respective boards

CARES Committee (New)
Workshop Oversight Committee (Dissolved)
Content Shuffling (→: Moved from Bylaw XVI, ←: Moved to Bylaw XVI) 
Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technologies (SIGHT) → MAB
Education Activities Committee ← MAB
Human Rights and Ethics Committee → MAB
Membership, Admissions and Retention Committee → MAB
Member Services Committee → MAB
Student Activities Committee → MAB
Women in Engineering Committee → MAB
Young Professionals Committee → MAB  
Publication Ethics Committee → CAB
CAB Executive Committee → CAB
Conference Finance Committee → CAB
Conference Operations Committee → CAB
Conference Publications Committee → CAB
Conference Technical Program Committee → CAB
Competitions Committee → CAB
Standards Activities → IAB

  • Bylaw XXI -  Updates to reflect new Executive Director position

Name Change of the Bylaw: 

Old: Society Administrative Office

New: Society Executive Office

Details on Executive Director
The Executive Director is the most senior position on the IEEE paid staff that supports the Society. This Society Executive Director directly reports through the Managing Director, Technical Activities, to the IEEE Executive Director.

Revised Bylaws

Current Bylaws

Side-by-Side Comparison


Notice sent to RAS Membership: 8 July 2022

Date posted: 8 July 2022

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