Committee on Entrepreneurship and Access to Talent


  • To effectively support the growing number of robotics entrepreneurs through events, networking, access to information and access to funding. IAB co-manages the yearly RAS/IFR IERA award and the seasonal Entrepreneurship Forum.
  • To nurture the IAB column in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine as an instrument to connect to established as well as to new Robotics Industry, and to provide information (of the Industrial Activities Board) relevant to these communities.
  • To manage the Industry Tutorial column, where key topical areas of robotics are introduced to the community in a practical manner, focusing on the history, achievements, and future potential of the fields of robotics, including business aspects and the standardization landscape.
  • To provide Access to talent (in close collaboration with MAB): maintaining a database of CVs of students and young researchers to foster match-making between students and robotics industry and to provide a valuable service to both parties student in robotics as well as robotics industry.
  • To launch better publication services to the industry, through establishing a a translational research track at flagship conferences, to increase the quantity and the engagement of RAS industry partners in the core programs, for the mutual benefit of both industry and non-industry members.

Associate Vice President

Tamás Haidegger portrait
Tamás Haidegger
Associate VP of IAB- Outreach and Access to Talent
Neustadt, Austria


Arpad Takac portrait
Arpad Takac
Budapest, Hungary
Thomas Wedlick portrait
Thomas Wedlick
Amazon Lab136
California, USA

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