Student Activities Committee

The Student Activities Committee of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (“SAC”) was formed in 2006 as an initiative by the Robotics and Automation Society AdCom to represent the students' voices. As part of the Member Activities Board, the SAC consists of a chair who serves a two-year term and co-chairs who serve-one year terms. The goal of the SAC is to represent students in robotics worldwide.

The SAC is responsible for organizing and managing activities, promotions, and competitions to recruit students and keep members active.

The main role of SAC is to provide students with opportunities to advance their careers and improve their professional experience. In order to support students’ training, careers, and professional relationships, we believe that facilitating active networking, interdisciplinary dialogue, and robotics education at all levels are fundamental goals for the Committee to work towards. To achieve these goals, SAC we organize events to give students the chance to find high quality information, as well as to find the best places where robotics innovators and scientists meet to exchange their knowledge and experience.

The SAC puts on a set of activities especially during ICRA, IROS, and CASE -- the three annual flagship conferences of the Robotics and Automation Society. By participating in these events, students have the opportunity to network with innovators, possible future mentors, colleagues, and friends. The Committee works to publish the SAC Newsletter, where students can find scientific and robotics news, information about ongoing and future activities, opportunities for research, learning tools and more. Students can also join RAS on Facebook, where the Committee continuously posts news and announcements.

Since robotics is more and more becoming an interdisciplinary science, involving medicine, biology, neuroscience, ethics, psychology, and many more, SAC encourages the collaboration between RAS students and IEEE Societies in other fields in order to increase opportunities for future cooperative projects and research groups, paving the path for breakthrough ideas and technological innovation. Promotion, education, and training for robotics are carried out for students at different ages. International events, Summer Schools, and media are used as fundamental ways to energize interest and knowledge in robotics. Furthermore, PhD students, undergraduates and younger children are involved in a range of activities with different robotics initiatives. Student branches and chapters are encouraged and supported by our committee and provide a local presence to promote careers, to create networks, and coordinate member events.

The Student Activities Committee of the Robotics & Automation Society represents an exclusive resource for your career and knowledge. It offers occasions to meet and interact with leaders of academia and industry, and we may help to find chances for mobility, jobs, internships, and financial support.



Geoff Nagy portrait
Geoff Nagy
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, Canada

Senior Chair

Megan Emmons portrait
Megan Emmons
Senior Chair
Colorado State University
Fort Collins (CO), USA


Siddhartha Banerjee portrait
Siddhartha Banerjee
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta (GA), USA
Tamon Miyake portrait
Tamon Miyake
Waseda University
Tokyo, Japan
Jong Hoo Park portrait
Jong Hoo Park
Seoul National University
Seoul, South Korea
Srivatsan Srinivasan portrait
Srivatsan Srinivasan
Clemson University
Clemson (SC), USA
Ikram Touir portrait
Ikram Touir
Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology (ISSAT Sousse)
Sousse, Tunisia

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