2015 RAS AdCom Class Announced

Congratulations to the six RAS members elected by the membership to serve a three-year term beginning 1 January 2015. We wish the newly elected members of the Administrative Committee success and thank all candidates for their willingness to serve and for permitting their names to be included on the ballot.

AdCom Members Elected at Large:


Wolfram Burgard
University of Freiburg, Germany



Yasushi Nakauchi
University of Tsukuba, Japan


AdCom Members from RAS Geographic Area 1 (the Americas):


Lydia Kavraki
Rice University, (TX) USA



Richard Vaughan
Simon Fraser University, Canada


AdCom Member from RAS Geographical Area 2 (Europe, Africa, Middle East--IEEE Region 8):


Danica Kragic
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden


AdCom Member from RAS Geographical Area 3 (Asia, Australia, Pacific Rim):


Zhi Dong Wang
Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan


 posted 19 December 2014



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