2016 IEEE RAS Fellow Class Announced

Congratulations to the following RAS Members - elevated to Fellow grade, effective 1 January 2016!


2016 RAS Fellows evaluated by the IEEE Robotics & Automation Society:

Alin Albu-Schaeffer
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Technical University Munich, Germany
"for contributions to compliant and lightweight robots"

Tatsuo Arai
Osaka University, Japan
"for contributions to micro manipulators and sensors, and applications to cellular biology"

Chun-Hung Chen
George Mason University, (VA) USA
"for contributions to simulation-based optimization of automation systems"

Wan Kyun Chung
Pohang Univ. of Science & Technology, South Korea
"for developments in robust control theory for mechanical systems"

Qiang Huang
Beijing Institute of Technology, China
"for contributions to the design and control of biped robots"

Danica Kragic
Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
"for contributions to vision-based systems and robotic object manipulation"

Domenico Prattichizzo
Universita di Siena, Italy
"for contributions to haptics and multi-fingered robotic hands"

Stergios Roumeliotis
University of Minnesota, (MN) USA
"for contributions to visual-inertial navigation and cooperative localization"

Il-Hong Suh
Hanyang University, South Korea
"for contributions to the design and control of redundant and multiple-arm robot systems"


2016 RAS Fellows evaluated by other IEEE Societies:

Evaluated by the IEEE Control Systems Society:
Michael Branicky
University of Kansas, (KS) USA
"for contributions to switched and hybrid control systems"

Evaluated by the IEEE Control Systems Society:
Warren Dixon
University of Florida, (FL) USA
"for contributions to adaptive control of uncertain nonlinear systems"

Evaluated by the IEEE Control Systems Society:
Wei Ren
University of California- Riverside, (CA) USA

"for contributions to distributed coordination and control of multi-agent systems"

Evaluated by the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society:
Gabor Fichtinger
Queens University, (ON) Canada

"for contributions to medical robotics and computer-assisted intervention"

Evaluated by the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society:
Armando Colombo
Schneider Electric Automation GmbH, Germany

"for contributions to industrial cyber-physical systems"

Evaluated by the IEEE Systems, Man & Cybernetics Society:
Zhiwu Li
Xidian University, China

"for contributions to Petri nets and their applications to automated manufacturing systems"

Evaluated by the IEEE Signal Processing Society:
Dinei Florencio
Microsoft Research, (WA) USA

"for contributions to statistical and signal processing approaches to adversarial and security problems"


posted 10 December 2015



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