2023 IEEE RAS Award Recipients Announced!

The IEEE Robotics & Automation Society recognizes and congratulates the following individuals for their outstanding accomplishments and service to RAS and the robotics and automation community. They will be honored during an award ceremony, to be held during the IEEE International Conference on Robotics & Automation (ICRA 2023) in May. Please join us in congratulating these outstanding recipients!

RAS Pioneer Award 

Tsuneo Yoshikawa Tsuneo Yoshikawa Kyoto University & Ritsumeikan University, Japan
"For pioneering contributions to the understanding of the kinematics, dynamics, and control of complex robotic systems, including haptics and teleoperations"
Asada hero Haruhiko Harry Asada - MIT (MA), US

"For pioneering contributions to robotics and automation in grasp stability and fixturing, direct-drive, skill transfer, and wearable systems"


RAS George Saridis Leadership Award in Robotics and Automation 

Satoshi Tadokoro Casual Photo Satoshi Tadokoro - Tohoku University, Japan
"For inclusive leadership as RAS President and for the visionary and strategic leadership of the rescue robotics research community"


IEEE RAS Distinguished Service Award

Fumihito Arai Univ. Tokyo photo Fumihito AraiUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
"For his leadership as Vice President for Technical Activities and his continued service in support of in RAS committees conferences"
0 asfour tamim Tamim Asfour – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
"For outstanding contributions in support of RAS conferences and committees and as Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters"

Dong-Soo Kwon– Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea

"For his scientific leadership and continued outstanding activities in support of RAS committees and conferences"

Early Academic Career Award in Robotics and Automation

driggs campbell Katherine Driggs-Campbell - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (IL), USA
"For contributions to the design of autonomous systems that operate in the real-world and interact safely with people"
Abhinav Valada

Abhinav Valada - University of Freiburg, Germany 

"For contributions to learning and perception for robot navigation"

Cosimo Della Santina

Cosimo Della Santina - Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands

"For fundamental contributions to modeling, design, and control of soft and elastic robots"

Nikolay Atanasov

Nikolay Atanasov - University of California San Diego (CA), USA

"For contributions to the advancement of autonomous navigation, simultaneous localization and mapping, and active robot perception"


Early Government or Industry Career Award in Robotics and Automation

Karol Hausman Karol Hausman - Google
"For major contributions to scalable robot learning algorithms"



IEEE Inaba Technical Award for Innovation Leading to Production

Award not Presented


IEEE Robotics and Automation Award for Product Innovation

Energy Robotics GmbH
"Energy Robotics‘ robot and cloud brain software provide autonomous inspection of industrial sites by fleets of heterogeneous mobile robots"


RAS Most Active Technical Committee Award

Technical Committee on Robotic Hands, Grasping and Manipulation
Chairs: Matteo Bianchi; Hyungpil Moon; Rich Walker; Robert Platt; Jeannette Bohg


RAS Chapter of the Year Award

Award not Presented


RAS Student Chapter of the Year Award

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Student Branch Chapter Mar Athanasius College of Engineering

Chair: Deva Darsan, Co-chair: Praseeda P Kartha

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