A look inside IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems



December 2019 & March 2020

Vol.11, No.4, Dec. 2019 Vol.12, No.1, March 2020


Evaluation of Internal Models in Autonomous Learning
S. C. Smith and J. M. Herrmann

Anomalous Behaviors Detection in Moving Crowds Based on a Weighted Convolutional Autoencoder-Long Short-Term Memory Network
B. Yang, J. Cao, N. Wang and X. Liu

A Workload Balanced Algorithm for Task Assignment and Path Planning of Inhomogeneous Autonomous Underwater Vehicle System
M. Chen and D. Zhu

Symbol Emergence in Cognitive Developmental Systems: A Survey
T. Taniguchi et al.

Electroencephalogram Emotion Recognition Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition and Optimal Feature Selection
Z. Liu, Q. Xie, M. Wu, W. Cao, D. Li and S. Li

Brain Teleoperation Control of a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot Using Quadrupole Potential Function
W. Yuan and Z. Li

Semi-Supervised Learning Based on GAN With Mean and Variance Feature Matching
C. Hu, X. Wu and J. Kittler

Optimal Control of Eye Movements During Visual Search
A. Vasilyev

Automatic Pupillary Light Reflex Detection in Eyewear Computing
H. K. Wong, J. Epps and S. Chen

Multitask Learning for Object Localization With Deep Reinforcement Learning
Y. Wang, L. Zhang, L. Wang and Z. Wang

Project R-CASTLE: Robotic-Cognitive Adaptive System for Teaching and Learning
D. Tozadore et al.




A Furcated Visual Collision Avoidance System for an Autonomous Microrobot
H. Isakhani, N. Aouf, O. Kechagias-Stamatis and J. F. Whidborne

Can the Evidence for Explanatory Reasoning Be Explained Away?
I. Douven

Cooperative Manipulation for a Mobile Dual-Arm Robot Using Sequences of Dynamic Movement Primitives
T. Zhao, M. Deng, Z. Li and Y. Hu

Abnormal Event Detection From Videos Using a Two-Stream Recurrent Variational Autoencoder
S. Yan, J. S. Smith, W. Lu and B. Zhang

Robotic-Assisted Rehabilitation Trainer Improves Balance Function in Stroke Survivors
J. Ji, T. Song, S. Guo, F. Xi and H. Wu

DeepFeat: A Bottom-Up and Top-Down Saliency Model Based on Deep Features of Convolutional Neural Networks
A. Mahdi, J. Qin and G. Crosby

Selective Perception as a Mechanism to Adapt Agents to the Environment: An Evolutionary Approach
M. Ramicic and A. Bonarini

Zero-Shot Classification Based on Multitask Mixed Attribute Relations and Attribute-Specific Features
P. Gong, X. Wang, Y. Cheng, Z. J. Wang and Q. Yu

Semantic Relational Object Tracking
A. Persson, P. Zuidberg Dos Martires, L. De Raedt and A. Loutfi

Memory Mechanisms for Discriminative Visual Tracking Algorithms With Deep Neural Networks
L. Wang, L. Zhang, J. Wang and Z. Yi

Usage-Based Learning in Human Interaction With an Adaptive Virtual Assistant
C. Delgrange, J. Dussoux and P. F. Dominey

A Brain-Inspired Visual Fear Responses Model for UAV Emergent Obstacle Dodging
F. Zhao, Q. Kong, Y. Zeng and B. Xu


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