A look inside RAM: March 2020 Special Issue on Wearable Robots


RA M 032020

We are pleased to offer you the March special issue on Wearable Robots of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine

Robot-Assisted Overground Walking 
Physiological Responses and Perceived Exertion in Nonambulatory Stroke Survivors
By Nina Lefeber, Emma De Keersmaecker, Marc Troch, Christophe Lafosse, Bas de Geus, Eric Kerckhofs, and Eva Swinnen

Accelerating the Estimation of Metabolic Cost Using Signal Derivatives 

Implications for Optimization and Evaluation of Wearable Robots
By Kimberly A. Ingraham, Elliott J. Rouse, and C. David Remy
Adaptive Model-Based Myoelectric Control for a Soft Wearable Arm Exosuit 
A New Generation of Wearable Robot Control
By Nicola Lotti, Michele Xiloyannis, Guillaume Durandau, Elisa Galofaro, Vittorio Sanguineti, Lorenzo Masia, and Massimo Sartori
An Experimental Evaluation of the Proto-MATE 
A Novel Ergonomic Upper-Limb Exoskeleton to Reduce Workers’ Physical Strain
By Ilaria Pacifico, Alessandro Scano, Eleonora Guanziroli, Matteo Moisé, Luca Morelli, Andrea Chiavenna, Duane Romo, Stefania Spada, Giuseppe Colombina, Franco Molteni, Francesco Giovacchini, Nicola Vitiello, and Simona Crea
Testing an Exoskeleton That Helps Workers With Low-Back Pain 
Less Discomfort With the Passive SPEXOR Trunk Device
By Saskia J. Baltrusch, Jaap H. van Dieën, Coen A.M. van Bennekom, and Han Houdijk
A Myoelectric Postural Control Algorithm for Persons With Transradial Amputations 
A Consideration of Clinical Readiness
By Jacob L. Segil, Rahul Kaliki, Jack Uellendahl, and Richard F. ff. Weir
A Compact, Lightweight Robotic Ankle-Foot Prosthesis 
Featuring a Powered Polycentric Design
By Lukas Gabert, Sarah Hood, Minh Tran, Marco Cempini, and Tommaso Lenzi
The InSight Crutches 
Analyzing the Role of Arm Support During Robot-Assisted Leg Movements
By Florian L. Haufe, Roushanak H. Hassani, Robert Riener, and Peter Wolf


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