Call for Humanitarian Project Proposals Announced

Proposals due 10 December 2015!

Robotics & Automation (R&A) Technologies have the potential to transform and improve the lives of humanity by addressing the world's toughest challenges. The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society - Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (RAS-SIGHT) is engaging the academic and non-academic community to propose viable solutions in R&A to address relevant world problems through several initiatives that include challenges in robotics conferences, funding projects, establishment of collaboration networks with academia, industry, and governments.

RAS is the first IEEE Society to have a SIGHT! The mission of RAS-SIGHT is the application of robotics and automation technologies for promoting humanitarian causes around the globe, and to leverage existing and emerging technologies for the benefit of humanity and towards increasing the quality of life in under-served, under-developed areas in collaboration with existing global communities and organizations. As an example of this initiative, RAS-SIGHT has organized two editions of the Humanitarian Robotics and Automation Technology Challenge at the 2014 and 2015 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). For additional information, see articles in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine: &

RAS-SIGHT envisions HRATCs as an unprecedented opportunity for technologists from around the world to collaborate using their skills and education to benefit humanity. The problems (challenges) are framed with the environmental, cultural, structural, political, socio-economic, and resource constraints so that solutions can be developed, deployed, and sustained.

In this vein, RAS-SIGHT is soliciting proposals that when implemented would improve the quality of life for the beneficiaries.
Some important points worth noting:
- The problem that you propose to solve should utilize robotics and automation technologies
- It is strongly encouraged that the solution be developed and deployed with active involvement from the community or the end-users that it is intended to benefit
- Sustainability beyond the completion of the project will be a key consideration

If you are interested, please submit a *4 page (max.) proposal* in the standard IEEE conference format ( outlining:
- the problem,
- the solution,
- related work, similar initiatives, and how the proposed project will achieve new results than what is currently available,
- proposed partnerships with existing initiatives,
- number of people who would be impacted,
- previous experiences, both in terms of research and deployment,
- project development timeline,
- a breakdown of anticipated costs, and how the funds would be used to support the project
- short biographies of project members (with URLs of your website)

We anticipate to fund 8-10 proposals in the US$2000-$2500 range.
*** Deadline: 10 December 2015 ***
*** Acceptance notification: 10 January 2016 ***
All submissions and questions should be sent to Raj Madhavan, Chair, RAS-SIGHT via email at <>.

posted 5 November 2015



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