Call for Proposals: 2022 RAS Technical Education Programs

Each year, the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society offers financial support for Technical Education Programs (RAS-TEP), also known as "Seasonal Schools." In efforts to bring RAS closer to its membership, programs are held each year across the globe in person or virtually. RAS hopes to make the Technical Education Programs available to anyone, regardless of where you live.

The RAS-TEP program is jointly run by the RAS Member Activities Board (MAB) and the RAS Technical Activities Board (TAB). These Boards will review proposals and select the TEP programs each year. The program sponsors schools around the world, to be held in person, virtual or as a hybrid. Approved 2021 Technical Education Programs (Seasonal Schools) will receive the following funding, based on the type of school offered:
• up to USD$25,000.00 in funding from RAS for an in person or hybrid event
• up to USD$10,000.00 in funding from RAS for a fully virtual event

Funding should be used to reduce the event cost for RAS Student Members, to extend the schools reach and impact, and to assist in securing high quality instructors.

The review of summer school proposals is based on assessments from two different viewpoints, the first one with respect to the general structure, including organizational matters and budget, and the second one with respect to the technical content.

The Education Committee will check the general organizational structure of the summer school, including budget aspects and guide through the general application process.

Suited Technical Committees (TCs) of the RAS must endorse the proposal. Current TCs are listed at:

Technical Education Program on-line proposal form

For complete details on proposing a RAS-TEP, visit the TEP Hosting Guidelines.

Deadlines for the submission of 2022 proposals

  • Deadline: 15 September 2021
  • Decision: October 2021
  • Notification: November 2021

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