CALL: IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics – Focused Section on Compliant Mechanisms for Mechatronics

Compliant Mechanisms (CMs), along with Soft Robotic devices formed therewith, may be defined as engineering systems achieving force and motion transmission via the deflection of flexible members. CMs have increasingly gained a strong foothold in the scientific arena owing to their hinge-less nature, shock resistance, potential single-piece manufacturability, safety in human-machine interaction, minimal maintenance requirements, and adaptability to work in unstructured environments. In parallel, current advances in the production of inherently compliant sensory-motor apparatus, as well as progress in the development of robust control methods, are paving the way to practical CM adoption in a large variety of engineering fields, including healthcare, manufacturing, inspection/maintenance, and agrifood. However, by embracing large deflections as a requirement rather than a design flaw, the conception and the subsequent physical prototyping of optimal CMs requires: i) material models capable of dealing with finite deformations, time-dependent phenomena, and uncertain constitutive parameters; ii) design tools allowing to simulate the behaviour of highly deformable structures; iii) reliable, possibly affordable, manufacturing methods; iv) more powerful adaptive learning and control techniques. Within this scenario, this focused section aims at providing an opportunity for material scientists, robotic/control engineers, and practitioners from academia or industry to present the latest theoretical and technological achievements in Complaint Mechanisms for Mechatronics. Focus shall be placed on transdisciplinary methodological frameworks, hardware development for real-world applications and out-of-lab experiments. Papers presenting newly emerging fields (such as robotic programmable materials) are also especially welcome.

Important Dates

  • 1 March 2023 - Submission deadline
  • December 2023 – Publication

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