IEEE CIS Launches COVID 19 Publishing Initiative

The following outlines an initiative started by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. IEEE Robotics and Automation Society is a financial co-sponsor of the IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems (TCDS).


Scientists and researchers all over the globe are working hard to address various issues related to the COVID 19 crisis such as modelling and analysis of the mechanisms underlying the spread of the virus, along with modelling how various interventions can help control the propagation of the disease, finding useful treatment protocols, potential drugs, and vaccines. 

The role of technology, in particular, that of Computational Intelligence to deal with the crisis, should not be underestimated.  In order to take part in this fight against COVID 19, the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE CIS) has set up a program, the COVID 19 Initiative. Under this initiative, the Editors-in-Chief will expedite, to the extent possible, the processing of all articles submitted to any of the CIS publications, with primary focus (as judged by the Editors-in-Chief) on COVID 19.  Please check the S1M submission site of your desired publication for instructions as to how to submit a COVID-19 focused manuscript.

If accepted, all such articles will be published, free-of-charge to authors and readers, as free access for one year from the date of the publication to enable the research findings to be disseminated widely and freely to other researchers and the community at large.  Any such article will go through the standard review process followed for the publication and the article must be within the scope of the publication.

We request that individuals follow the advice provided by the World Health Organization as well as local administration to stay safe and healthy.  Let’s do our part to understand and control this virus that is sweeping across the planet.

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