RAS E-News August 2009

Volume 7, Number 5


1. Toshio Fukuda to receive IEEE R&A Award

Professor Toshio Fukuda will be presented with the IEEE Robotics and Automation Award for "For leadership and pioneering contributions to Intelligent Robotic Systems and Micro and Nano Robotic Systems."

Fukuda is currently Professor of the Departments of Micro System Engineering and . of Mechano-Informatics and Systems, Nagoya University, Japan. He is mainly engaged in the research fields of intelligent robotic systems, self-organizing systems, micro robotics, robotic systems under hostile environments, bio-robotic systems, neuromorphic intelligent control, fuzzy control, control of mechanical systems and technical diagnosis.

He is a long time member and former president of RAS and served on the IEEE Technical Activities Board as director of IEEE Division X in 2001-2. He was also a vice president of the Industrial Electronics Society andpresident of the Nanotechnology Council, and chairman of the Division of Robotics and Mechatronics of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering (JSME).

He served as founding general chair of IROS (1988), general chair of ICRA (Nagoya, 1996) and as general chair, program chair or steering committee member of many other IEEE and Japanese conferences.

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