RAS E-News July 2008

Volume 6, Number 4

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1. RAS Fellowship

The deadline for applications for the RAS Graduate Fellowship is August 1, 2008. The nominee and nominator must be IEEE RAS members, and the application must be submitted through the applicant university's sponsored projects office. For detailed rules and instructions for the RAS Graduate Fellowship, see http://haptics.lcsr.jhu.edu/wiki/images/f/f0/RAS_Fellowship.pdf.

2. RAS Board and Committee Meetings at CASE and IROS

In conjunction with IEEE-CASE, Key Bridge Marriott, Arlington VA, August 23-25. *Saturday August 23, Adams Room 8:00-10:00 Publications Activities Board (Peter Luh) 10:00-12:00 Technical Activities Board (Ken Goldberg *Sunday, August 24 08:00-17:00 RAS Conference Activities Board Bd. Adams Room (John Hollerbach) 15:00-16:00 T-ASE Editorial Board, Jackson Room (N Viswanadham) 18:00-21:00 IEEE-CASE Steering Committee (Peter Luh, place TBA) In conjunction with IEEE/RSJ IROS, September 22-26, Acropolis Center, Nice, France. Confirmed times, rooms and additional meetings will be posted on the IEEE-RAS web calendar,http://www.ieee-ras.org/calendar under 'Meetings' *Tuesday, September 23 --RAS Awards Committee (Dick Volz, David Orin) --RAS Steering Committee for Technical Programs (VJ Kumar) other meetings and boards TBA *Wednesday, September 24 --RAS Technical Activities Board (Ken Goldberg) --RAS Conference Activities Board (John Hollerbach) --RAS Industrial Activities Board (Alex Zelinsky) --RAS Member Activities Board (Alicia Casals) *Thursday, September 25 --RAS Financial Activities Board (Ian Walker, Xiaoping Yun) * Friday September 26 --RAS AdCom (Bruno Siciliano)

3. Bejczy Tapped for IEEE Robotics and Automation Award

The IEEE 2009 Technical Field Award in Robotics and Automation will be presented to Antal (Tony) Bejczy "For leadership and sustained contributions to a broad set of innovative robotic and automation techniques applicable to space research and on Earth." Bejczy worked in the Telerobotics Program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute for over 20 years Among his projects there were the Mars Rover 'Sojourner' and a robot arm force-torque sensor and control flight experiment on the Space Shuttle in 1994. Bejczy is also a founding member of the Robotics and Automation Society and its predecessor, the IEEE Robotics and Automation Council, and remains active in society affairs.

4. Imminent Deadlines

August 8: LARS 2008: Latin America Robotics Symposium. http://jri2008.dca.ufrn.br/LARS/index_en.php (October 28-29). July 31: SCS 2008: International Conference on Signals, Circuits, and Systems. http://www.emc-lab.net/Conferences/SCS2008/ (November 7-8) July 31: ICR2008 2nd Israeli Conference on Robotics http://www.ICR2008.org.il (November 19-20) August 24: MEMS2009 IEEE 22nd Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems. http://www.mems2009.org/ (January 25-29, 2009) September 15: HRI 2009 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. http://www.hri2009.org (March 11-13, 2009) September 15: ICRA 2009 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. http://www.icra2009.org (May 13-17, 2009)

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