ICRA 2015 Award Recipients Announced

Congratulations to the following ICRA 2015 Award Recipients! Winners were announced and honored during the RAS Awards Luncheon which took place on 28 May 2015 in Seattle, (WA) USA. The complete list of Recipients and Finalists, with photos, is available here.

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Best Associate Editor Award
Eric Diller, University of Toronto, Canada
Paolo Robuffo Giordano, CNRS, Irisa/Inria Rennes, France

Best Reviewer Award
Renaud Detry, Université de Liège, Belgium
Andrej Gams, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Hedvig Kjellstrom, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Raul Suarez, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain

Best Paper Awards

ICRA Automation Best Paper
Design, Modeling and Control of a Modular Contactless Wafer Handling System
Bassem Dahroug, Guillaume J. Laurent, Valérian Guelpa, Nadine Le Fort-Piat

ICRA Cognitive Robotics Best Paper Award
Grounding Spatial Relations for Outdoor Robot Navigation
Abdeslam Boularias, Felix Duvallet, Jean Oh, Anthony Stentz

ICRA Medical Robotics Best Paper Award
An Ankle-Foot Prosthesis Emulator with Control of Plantarflexion and Inversion-Eversion Torque
Steven H. Collins, Myunghee Kim, Tianjian Chen, Tianyao Chen

ICRA Robot Manipulation Best Paper Award
Learning Contact-Rich Manipulation Skills with Guided Policy Search
Sergey Levine, Nolan Wagener, Pieter Abbeel

ICRA Robot Vision Best Paper Award
Work Smart, Not Hard: Recalling Relevant Experiences for Vast-Scale but Time-Constrained Localisation
Chris Linegar, Winston Churchill, Paul Newman

ICRA Service Robotics Best Paper Award
RoboSherlock: Unstructured Information Processing for Robot Perception
Michael Beetz, Ferenc Balint-Benczedi, Nico Blodow, Daniel Nyga, Thiemo Wiedemeyer, Zoltan-Csaba Marton

ICRA Best Student Paper 
Grasping without Squeezing: Shear Adhesion Gripper with Fibrillar Thin Film
Elliot Wright Hawkes, David Christensen, Amy Kyungwon Han, Hao Jiang, Mark Cutkosky

ICRA Best Conference Paper
Observability, Identifiability and Sensitivity of Vision-Aided Inertial Navigation
Joshua Hernandez, Konstantine Tsotsos, Stefano Soatto


Amazon Picking Challenge
Organizers: Pete Wurman and Joe Romano, Kiva Systems
In recognition of teams that demonstrate the best automated item picking.
1st Place - $20,000
Team RBO, TU Berlin, Oliver Brock
2nd Place - $5,000
Team MIT, MIT, Alberto Rodriquez Garcia
3rd Place - $1,000
Team Grizzly, Dataspeed Inc. & Oakland University, Paul Fleck

Humanitarian Robotics and Automation Technology Challenge
Organizers: Raj Madhavan, Lino Marques, Edson Prestes, Prithviraj Dasgupta
Winner: Team NUS: National Univ.of Singapore, Singapore

Humanoids Application Challenge 
Organizers: Kayla Kim and Jinwook Kim, ROBOTIS CO
In recognition of the team that demonstrates the most creative application of humanoid research.
Winner: Team Snobots, University of Manitoba

Mobile Microrobotics Challenge 1
Autonomous Mobility & Accuracy Challenge
In recognition of the team with the most accurate trajectory traversals
Winner: University of Hawaii, Manoa (Sammy Khamis, Edward Nerad, Leanne King, Caralyn King, Aaron Ohta)

Mobile Microrobotics Challenge 2
Microassembly Challenge
In recognition of assembling the most micro-scale components in a micro channel
Winner: ETH Zurich (Samuel Charreyron, Janis Edelmann, Andrew Petruska, Franziska Ullrich, Chengzhi Hu, Hen-Wei Huang, Qi Zhang, Erdem Siringil, Roel Pieters, Bradley J. Nelson)

Mobile Microrobotics Challenge 3
MMC Showcase & Poster Session
In recognition of the most innovative mobile micro-robotic system
Winner: UVT Romania, University Valahia of Targoviste (Ioan Alexandru Ivan, Florin Dragomir, Valentin Gurgu, Nicolae Radulescu, Mihaela Ivan)


posted 11 June 2015



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