ICRA to Host Challenge for Landmine Detection

Minesweeping is incredibly time-intensive and dangerous; it's estimated that over 20 thousand people lose their lives in mine-related accidents each year. With statistics such as this, it's no wonder robots haven't been used in mine detecting scenarios sooner. To build awareness and advance this technology, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) will be hosting the first ever Humanitarian Robotics and Automation Technology Challenge (HRATC) to be held at ICRA 2014 (May 31-June 1). The Challenge aims to promote and develop new strategies for autonomous landmine detection and will be conducted virtually, with the physical robot situated in Coimbra, Portugal, so teams from around the world can participate.

For more information see: www.clearpathrobotics.com/blog/icra-challenge-landmine-detection/

posted 25 April 2014



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