ICRA-X: Robots and Art Program - Expressive Motions

This event is part of the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) wich will be held in Montreal, Canada from 20-24 May 2019.

Robots conjure images of motion. A large body of work in robotics research is concerned with the motion of machines. The 2019 edition of the ICRA Robots and Art program, now the ICRA-X Robots and Art program, invites researchers and practitioners to explore robot motion as creative expression. The program encourages and explores edgy collaborations between engineers and artists in preparation for the significant societal changes to come in the near future as robotics moves beyond the traditional bounds of industry into more social contexts.

For the first time in ICRA history, this year features a curated exhibition of over seven robotic art installations as part of the program (Curated by Alain Thibault, artistic director Elektra). In addition, a separate student art exhibition curated by professional artists and art professors (Alexandre Castonguay and Jean-Pierre Gauthier) will be hosted in parallel to the main exhibition providing early career artists with the opportunity to engage with the robotics research community. A full day forum will explore topics related to the theme, Expressive Motions with the participation of artists/researchers involved in the exhibition alongside a poster/interactive session. An eminent panel is also planned to discuss collaborative aspects of multidisciplinary research.

Invited Speakers (initial)

* Ken Goldberg
* Bill Vorn
* Guillaume Credoz
* Jean-Pierre Gauthier
* Michel de Broin
* Anouk Wipprecht
* Samuel St-Aubin
* Jean-Paul Laumond
* More to confirm

Call for Extended Abstracts/Short Papers

Short papers/extended abstracts are invited to be presented at a special poster/interactive session as part of the main forum. Submissions should be related to the forum topic and should represent work relevant to robotic art. All submissions will be peer-reviewed and accepted abstracts/short papers will be archived on roboticart.org with the possibility of being invited to publish extended work in a special issue in a suitable journal.

Topics include (non-exhaustive):

* Human-Robot Interaction
* Attention systems
* Robot motion planning
* Path planning
* Human-centred manipulation and navigation
* Collaborative robotics
* Human/Robot performances
* Natural movements in robots
* Creative agents
* Embodied agents
* Robot Swarms
* Human motion tracking and analysis

Open Call for Student Artwork

For the first time, ICRA will also host a curated robotic art exhibition for students which will be open to the public (without needing ICRA registration). We are looking to include several outstanding robotic art installations through this open call. Please send a clear description of your work to be considered for inclusion, including a high-quality photograph and any other supporting material including detailed technical requirements such as electrical needs (120V/60Hz only), sketches with dimensions. Please note that the work should be self-contained, and no funding will be made available for transport or any other costs related to the installation. If selected for inclusion, our support is limited to providing a space within the exhibition and access to a standard power source and 24hr security. All selected art works will be catalogued on the website program.

Important Dates

Abstracts/Short Papers/Student Art proposals: 31 March 2019
Decisions Announced: 21 April 2019
ICRA-X program dates: 20-22 May 2019

Please send your submissions to robotsandarts@gmail.com

For more information see: http://roboticart.org/icra2019/

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