IEEE CASE: Call for Papers Deadline is fast approaching!

Are you an author of one of the 2000+ papers declined by ICRA? Please remember there are three other conferences with deadlines in March. Most of you are aware of the submission deadline for RSS 2021 (1 March) and IROS 2021 (5 March), but you may not be aware that the deadline for the IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (IEEE CASE 2021) is 15 March.

IEEE CASE, the annual Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, is a major IEEE conference that is one of three fully-supported IEEE conferences in our field (with ICRA and IROS). In 2021, CASE will be held 23-27 August. It will be hybrid, with a live component in Lyon France and an online component:
"To meet the demand of the scientific community for stimulating exchanges and a real conference experience for young researchers, CASE2021 aims to be primarily a face-to-face conference with online participation for those who cannot travel to Lyon."

IEEE CASE was founded in 2006 so is smaller but growing quickly. The acceptance rate for the last CASE was about 56%, slightly higher than ICRA 2021 (48%), IROS, and RSS. IEEE CASE continues the classic conference model of featuring a 10-15 min oral presentation of each paper in contrast to poster sessions. This is particularly exciting for students, who get the valuable experience of lecturing and fielding questions in front of an audience of peers. IEEE CASE also has a tradition of spotlighting papers nominated for awards such as Best Paper, Best Student Paper, etc. Each nominated paper is presented in special single session track on Day 1, where everyone at the conference attends and there is a lively Q&A led by judges.

Good luck with Plan B and hope to see you at one or more of these conferences!

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