IEEE Puts World's Robots on Display

Announcing a New Website that showcases 200 robots from around the world to inform and excite the public about the possibilities of robotics.

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Earlier this month, IEEE launched, an interactive guide to the amazing world of robotics. The goal is showing the public, especially young people and kids, how real-world robots work and how they can have a positive impact on society. In addition to providing some funding for this project, RAS has established a Steering Committee to advise on content and direction. 

The site currently features 200 robots from 19 countries, with 360-degree views, interactive animations, and thousands of photos, videos, and technical specs for each robot. The catalog will keep expanding with new types of robots from different locations around the world.

The project is an expansion on IEEE's Robots iPad app, which has been downloaded 1.3 million times and is used in STEM programs globally. The new site aims to reach an even broader audience and become a powerful tool for STEM education as well as a valuable resource for roboticists in industry, research, and startups.

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