IEEE RAS Developing Country Faculty Engagement Program: Call for Applications

The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Developing Country Faculty Engagement Program aims to help faculty in developing countries compete successfully in publishing their research at top RAS conferences and journals by connecting them with assigned RAS mentors
IEEE has identified developing countries based on data released by the World Bank. Priority for acceptance to this program will be given to applicants from the countries marked with an asterisk on this page:
Each developing country faculty member (the mentee) will be supported for up to two years to work with a mentor. The responsibilities of the mentee include:
  • Work with your mentor to identify promising areas of research
  • Write co-authored RAS conference/journal papers (with mentor) based on research
  • Write a paper as a lead author towards the end of the mentorship period
  • Establish regular meetings with the mentor via Zoom/Webex (at least once a month)
  • Become involved in the mentor’s research activities, including group meetings and seminars
  • Create or Expand a local RAS student chapter
  • Visit mentor’s lab (if possible) and regularly join mentor’s lab meetings
  • Attend an RAS conference to present a paper
  • Establish collaboration with researchers during an RAS conference
  • Yearly joint report by the mentor and mentee regarding their accomplishments 
Applicant Eligibility
  1. The applicant must be a RAS member
  2. The applicant must currently be a faculty member of a University or College in an IEEE identified developing country 
  3. The applicant must have research experiences in Robotics or Automation
Application Procedure
The application is a two-step process: 
  1. The applicant sends in a pre-application using this form by 16 April 2021:
  2. If the application is accepted, a mentor will be assigned to the candidate. The candidate and the mentor will write a joint proposal for funding the collaboration by 16 May 2021. Instructions for the joint proposal will be provided.

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