IROS 2013 Award Winners Announced

The IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS2013) was held on 
3-8 November 2013, at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. Congratulations to the following winners - announced on 6 November.


IROS Harashima Award for Innovative Technologies
To honor Professor Fumio Harashima, the Honorary Founding Chair of IROS conferences, by recognizing outstanding contributions of an individual of the IROS community, who has pioneered activities in robotics and intelligent systems

Kazuhiro Kosuge, Tohoku University
"For his contributions on Human-Robot Interaction and Mechatronic Systems and for his leadership in the community"


IROS 2013 Best Paper Award - two winners this year
To recognize the most outstanding paper presented at the conference, based on quality of contribution, of a written paper, and of the oral presentation. Sponsored by RSJ and SICE

Maxime Meilland and Andrew I. Comport
"On Unifying Key-Frame and Voxel-Based Dense Visual SLAM at Large Scales"

Peter Corke, Rohan Paul, Winston Churchill and Paul Newman
"Dealing with Shadows: Capturing Intrinsic Scene Appearance for Image-Based Outdoor Localization"


IROS 2013 Best Student Paper Award
To recognize the most outstanding paper authored primarily and presented by a student at the conference, based on the quality of the contribution, of the written paper and of the oral presentation. Sponsored by IROS 2013 Conference

Yaxiaer Yalikun
"Multiple Microfluidic Stream Based Manipulation for Single Cell Handling"


IROS 2013 Best Video Award
A dedicated Award will be assigned to recognize the most outstanding IROS 2013 Video, based on technical merit, evidence of impact on the field of the reported achievements, practical significance of the applications, quality and clarity of the video and of the narration and quality of the presentation at the IROS 2013 conference. Sponsored by IROS 2013 Conference

Ji-suk Kim, Gwang-pil Jung, Je-sung Koh and Kyu-jin Cho
"Meso-scale robot assembly using shape memory polymer rivet fastener"


Best ICROS Application Paper Award
Sponsored by the Institute of Control, Robotics, and Systems (ICROS)

Besir Celebi, Mustafa Yalcin and Volkan Patoglu
"AssitOn-Knee: A Self-Aligning Knee Exoskeleton"


NTF Award for Entertainment Robots and Systems
Started in 2007, this award is to encourage research and development of "entertainment robots and systems," and new technologies for future entertainment. Sponsored by the New Technology Foundation

Michael Lichtenstern, Michael Angermann, Martin Frassl, Gunther Berthold, Brian J. Julian and Daniela Rus
"Pose and Paste - An Intuitive Interface for Remote Navigation of a Multi-Robot System"


JTCF Novel Technology Paper Award for Amusement Culture
This award recognizes practical technology contributing to toys, toy models, and amusement culture. Sponsored by the Japan Toy Culture Foundation

Valiallah Monajjemi, Jens Wawerla, Richard Vaughan and Greg Mori
"HRI in the Sky: Creating and Commanding Teams of UAVs with a Vision-Mediated Gestural Interface"


RoboCup Best Paper Award - two winners this year
Sponsored by the RoboCup Federation

Korbinian Schmid, Teodor Tomi?, Felix Ruess, Heiko Hirschmüller and Michael Suppa
"Stereo Vision Based Indoor/Outdoor Navigation for Flying Robots"

Francis Colas, Srivatsa Mehesh, François Pomerleau, Ming Liu and Roland Siegwart
"3D Path Planning and Execution for Search and Rescue Ground Robots"


IROS CoTeSys Cognitive Robotics Best Paper Award
Started in 2010, this award is to produce interdisciplinary research on cognition for technical systems (CoTeSys) and advancements of cognitive robotics in industry, home applications, and daily life. Sponsored by the German Cluster of Excellence, CoTeSys

Juan Fasola and Maja J. Matari
"Using Semantic Fields to Model Dynamic Spatial Relations in a Robot Architecture for Natural Language Instruction of Service Robots"


posted 28 November 2013



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