IROS 2017 Competition: Autonomous Drone Racing (ADR) now accepting applications!

The IROS 2017 Autonomous Drone Racing in Mos Eisley Vancouver Arena (Racing) is a technical challenge sponsored by the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2017) Organizing Committee aimed to provide worldwide robotic researchers a technology showroom for autonomous flight and to promote solutions for the agile autonomous flight of drones in daring environments. Participants will bring their own flying robots in Mos Eisley Vancouver Arena and be asked to fly them autonomously through designated tracks in the circuit. The technical challenges combine the time optimal path planning for drones, flight and tracking control, obstacle detection, localization, and fault detection and recovery. Two racing times will be recorded and scored by its best flight time through the start and the finish line. More detail rules of Racing can be found in the competition web pages.

multicopter drone


We are now accepting applications worldwide, and warmly welcome teams to participate in this competition! Prospective participants must submit the registration form (Form A, available online) via email to with the title of "Drone Racing Registration: Your team name" by 1 April 2017. Although we have not finalized the size of the grant, registered teams may be eligible for the travel grant if submitted the travel grant application form (Form B, available online) by 1 June 2017  to with the title of "Drone Racing Travel Grant Application: Your team name". Successfully registered teams must submit promotion materials to the organizers via email by 1 September 2017. The conference registration policy for the competition-only participants will be announced later.

For more detailed information see the IROS 2017 ADR competition website at

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