IROS 2020 F1Tenth Autonomous Racing Competition



F1TENTH is an international community of researchers, engineers, and autonomous systems enthusiasts working with 1/10th scale autonomous racecars.  We are excited to announce the 8th F1TENTH Autonomous Grand Prix/IROS 2020 F1TENTH autonomous racing competition! The IROS2020 timeline and more information is available on the race page

Teams must develop robust perception, planning, and control algorithms that can deal with the uncertainties of a new track and new competitors. Just like a real Grand Prix, teams first qualify in a timed trial against each other to determine seeding and then compete head-to-head in an intense battle of algorithms. Highlights from the recent (July 2020) virtual IFAC competition can be viewed here

We will be kicking off the 8th F1TENTH Autonomous Grand Prix with a webinar on September 2 at 13:00 EDT. We will go over race logistics and how to get started with the race simulator. The meet link is here.

Information on how to get started can be found in the Guidelines document.

Stay updated with us on slack in the #iros2020 channel.


Registration is now open!


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