IROS 2020- Register now for this FREE event!

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Registration for IROS 2020 will be free. Free registration will lighten financial hardship, broaden attendance, increase our community's visibility, and foster positivity in our robotics communities.

Free registration is extended to authors and non-authors.  All will have access to IROS 2020 content including the Technical talks, Plenaries and Keynotes, Competitions, and the 68 Workshops and Tutorials.

Refunds will be processed for those who registered on CVENT. This includes any a-la-carte items like Workshops, Tutorials, additional banquet tickets,
etc.  Please expect your refund no later than early October.

Authors will still be responsible for extra-page charges (if any) associated with their papers, and this portion of paid fees will not be refunded. This should be understandable given the added costs to handle a paper's extra pages for both the Proceedings and publication in IEEE Xplore.

While we cannot replace the experience of an in-person conference, we are pleased and excited to roll out "IROS On-Demand," a platform that provides
an intuitive and enjoyable way to easily access IROS content anywhere, anytime, with any device.  IROS On-Demand will be released 25 October 2020 and content will be available for 1-month minimum. IROS On-Demand was designed by the Organizing Committee (OC) in July and has received positive beta-testing feedback. With author-supplied pre-recorded video talks, neither authors nor attendees are burdened by global time differences that make synchronous interactions challenging.  "Comment/Q&A" boxes within the platform will enable asynchronous interaction and feedback. 

If you have already registered for IROS 2020 via the CVENT system, you don't need to take any further action. We will set up an IROS On-Demand account
for you, and you will access the system using the email with which you registered in CVENT.

If you have NOT already registered for IROS 2020, we ask that you use this link to register and ensure access to IROS On-Demand prior to its release:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account. Please feel free to distribute this information to maximize access and impact. Content will not be released until 25 October 2020.

We hope that IROS 2020 free registration will attract new attendees from national and industry research labs.  We also hope free registration will lower the barrier to access for researchers, graduate, and undergraduate students, and enable participation by K-12 students and educators as well.

We're proud to say that no other IEEE society has made registration entirely free for their flagship conference (of IROS' size and scale).  Making both Xplore publishing and attendance free is historic. We look forward to you joining us in this free event!

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