Looking for Senior Advisors to help our Students....

As the ICRA2017 submission deadline approaches, we are looking for Senior Advisors for the Young Reviewers Program (YRP) of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS).

The Young Reviewers Program (YRP) is intended to introduce young RAS members to the best practices in peer-reviewing of scientific papers. As a Senior Reviewer, your role would be to give reviewing assignments to Junior Reviewers, and to oversee the review process in a mentor-mentee relationship.

Accepting to serve will not increase the number of papers that you review. Only papers that you have already accepted to review (for ICRA 2017) would be eligible for the YRP. In this way, we believe that there will be no net increase in your reviewing workload. The time you would normally spend writing a careful review would be invested instead in cultivating skills in a Junior Reviewer.

As a Senior Reviewer, you can contact a Junior Reviewer found from the YRP website (https://parasol.tamu.edu/ieee/ras-yrp/)
and assign to the Junior Reviewer one ICRA paper that you have been asked to review and then work with the Junior Reviewer to perfect the review, which you will submit via PaperPlaza (see more details here).

Please join and sign up to the YRP web site, where you can find details of the eligibility and the procedure. https://parasol.tamu.edu/ieee/ras-yrp/https://parasol.tamu.edu/ieee/ras-yrp/

Best regards,
Arash Ajoudani - IEEE-RAS YRP Executive Manager - arash.ajoudani@iit.it
Seth Hutchinson - IEEE-RAS YRP Director - seth@illinois.edu

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