RAS AdCom Approves New Technical Committees

At the 13 October 2012 RAS Administrative Committee meeting, three new Technical Committees (TC) were approved.  The TCs are charged with sponsoring workshops, tutorials, and special sessions at conferences, organizing special issues of the Robotics & Automation Magazine, the Transactions, and other journals, and providing a focal point for researchers interested in collaborations in new and emerging fields of research.

Joining the 28 established committees are:

Robotics and Automation in Nuclear Facilities will focus on the development of technologies, retention of running systems and networking among worldwide experts in the related science and technologies for the operation, inspection, maintenance, and incident response in nuclear facilities. It was proposed by Yoshihiko Nakamura, William Hamel, Raja Chatila, and Hajime Asama.

Model-Based Optimization for Robotics will aim to enhance the development and application of model-based optimization techniques for the generation and control of dynamic behaviors in robotics and their practical implementation. The TC was proposed by Katja Mombaur, Christopher G. Atkeson, Thomas Buschmann, Kensuke Harada, and Abderrahmane Kheddar.

Soft Robotics will investigate soft, deformable, functional materials for the use in robotic systems.  It was proposed by Fumiya Iida, Cecilia Laschi, Akio Ishiguro, and Robert Wood.

For details on all 31 Technical Committees visit http://www.ieee-ras.org/technical/committees.html.

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