RAS Members provide IEEE webinar on Flexible Electronic Skin

We are happy to announce that IEEE Fellow and RAS Members Ravinder Dahiya and Gordon Cheng, will join their colleagues in a discussion about flexible electronic skin.

Proceedings 2020 photo

This webinar will provide an overview of various sub-topics of electronic skin discussed in the October 2019 Proceedings of the IEEE special issue, "Flexible Electronic Skin: From Humanoids to Humans." University of Glasgow’s Professor Ravinder Dahiya will open the webinar with an overview of electronics skin in robotics and as the "second skin" in wearable and health monitoring applications. University of Cambridge’s Professor Arokia Nathan will then discuss the flexible Ultralow Power Sensor Interfaces for eSkin. This will be followed by Technical University of Munich’s Professor Gordon Cheng’s discussion about the holistic engineering approach for artificial skin for robots and an example of a multi-modal skin cell showing multiple humanlike sensing modalities. The last discussion will by Nanyang Technological University’s Professor Joseph Chang who will present the co-design between the different chains of flexible electronics supply chain to derive practical flexible electronics and sensors for applications where the substrate is expected to bend. The presentations will be followed by Q&A with the panelists.

26 March 2020, 11 am - 12 pm (ET)

Register Today: http://bit.ly/2wraQJ6

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