RAS Technical Committee on Mechanisms and Design seeks Junior Chairs

The IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Mechanisms and Design is seeking applications from energetic researchers and practitioners to serve as Junior Chairs of the TC. The mission of the TC is to bring together researchers in Robot Mechanisms and Design within the IEEE RAS community in order to share knowledge, standardize practices /procedures, and raise the profile of the exciting new work being done in the area, as well as establish strong ties to the robotics and robotic components industries. Viewed as the next generation of leaders for the Technical Committee, the role of the Junior Chairs will primarily be to spearhead additional efforts in support of the mission of the TC and improve the quality of existing efforts. Junior Chairs will be appointed for 1-year terms, with reappointment possible for up to 3 total years.

Interested candidates should send a CV and a "Candidate Statement" outlining your ideas for ways to add to the TC community and offerings (e.g. events, resources), any prior professional leadership activities, and a brief summary of your intended career path. Successful candidates will typically be drawn from those currently holding Postdoctoral Research or Junior Faculty appointments (or their equivalent), but exceptions may be made for especially motivated individuals.

We strongly encourage applications from researchers and practitioners in Industry, especially those who actively participate in the RAS community (e.g. attending conferences).

Applications should be sent via email to aaron.dollar@yale.edu, and should be received by 31 August 2016. Decisions will be made by the TC Co-Chairs.

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