World Robot Conference 2017

From 23 Aug, 2017 until 27 Aug, 2017
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Building on the success of the previous two years, the World Robot Conference 2017 (WRC 2017) is scheduled to be held in Beijing from August 23rd to 27th, 2017. Revolving around the world's major areas of robotic research and application, and innovation and development in an intelligent society, the WRC 2017 will offer a venue where academic thoughts can be exchanged at high levels and the latest achievements demonstrated, build a platform which helps promote international collaboration and innovation, bring both Chinese experts and their overseas counterparts together so that they could discuss the trends in the development of robotics and in robotic innovation, clearly point out in which direction the Chinese robotic industry will develop, figure out the profound impact of the much-anticipated robotics revolution on future social development, and provide the basis for China's efforts to draw up a strategy for developing its robotic industry and to transform its manufacturing industries. In summary, the conference will elevate the international influence of China's robotic industry.

Topics of Interest

  • industrial robots: indisutrial robot application products and solutions, industrial robot development and software applications, industrial robot functional units and components
  • special robots: underwater robots, aerial robots, civil explosion-proof robots
  • service robots: household cleaning robots, entertainment robots, educational robots, rehabilitation robots, bionic robots, UAV
  • artificial intelligence: development platforms, voice interaction software, control platforms, machine vision, artificial intelligence products, Smart City, Smart Home


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