ISMCR 2019 - Call for Papers Deadline

On 17 Jun, 2019

At University of Houston-Clear Lake 2700 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX 77058

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The 2019 International Symposium on Measurement and Control in Robotics will be held at the University of Houston, Houston (TX), USA from 19-21 September 2019. This symposium will focus on various aspects of international research, applications and trends of robotic Innovations for the benefit of humanity, advanced human-robot systems and applied technologies, e.g. in the fields of robotics, telerobotics, simulator platforms and environment and mobile work machines, as well as virtual reality/, augmented reality and 3D modeling and simulation. The symposium will consist of keynote presentations on the state-of-the-art technology, workshops, and topical panels. All papers will have peer review and will be published with IMEKO and IEEE Guidelines.

Participants in previous ISMCR Conferences, ISMCR 2019 is intended to be a forum for the exchange of recent research results and ideas in robotic technologies and applications; this time with specific reference to service to humanity. It should be of interest to a wide range of participants from government agencies, relevant international institutions, universities, research organizations, robotics and automated vehicle companies, as well as media and the general public. The conference should serve as an opportunity for networking and fruitful exchange with fellow participants on topics of mutual interest.

Topics of Interest

  • Robot Design Innovations
  • Sensors/Smart Sensors their Integration / Fusion
  • Advanced Controls and Actuators
  • New Power Supplies
  • Methods of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics
  • Humanoid , Climbing/Walking, Service, and Autonomous Robots
  • Anthropomorphic Robots/Mobile Robots
  • Tele-existence / Telepresence
  • Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality / Virtual Reality
  • Communication with Realistic Sensations
  • Intelligent CAD and IMS
  • Visual and Auditory Displays
  • Tactile and Force Displays
  • Tools and Techniques for Modeling VR Systems
  • Real Time Computer Simulation
  • Software Architectures for VR
  • VR Interaction and Navigation Techniques, Distributed VR Systems and Motion Tracking
  • VR Input and Output Devices
  • Innovative Applications of VR
  • Human Factors in VR
  • Evaluation of VR Techniques and Systems
  • Internet and VRML Application of VR in all areas
  • Interactive Art and Entertainment
  • Artificial Life
  • Education and Entertainment Robots
  • Medical and Healthcare Robots
  • Micro and Nano Robots
  • Innovative Robotics Applications

Important Dates

24 April 2019 - Abstracts submission
31 May 2019 - Abstract acceptance to authors
17 June 2019 - Submission of full paper for review
15 July 2019 - Notification of paper acceptance
15 August 2019 - Submission of camera-ready paper

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