MRS 2021

From 4 Nov, 2021 17:31 until 5 Nov, 2021

IEEE MRS 2021 will be held on 4-5 November 2021 at St John’s College, University of Cambridge, UK. We are closely monitoring the global pandemic situation. Currently, we are optimistically planning for an in-person conference in Cambridge, possibly with a remote-live option for those who cannot travel. We will revise these plans as the COVID situation evolves in the coming months.

The goal of the conference is to bring together researchers who are in the field of multi-robot systems (MRS) and multi-agent systems (MAS). Typically MRS/MAS research is spread across large conferences, and this makes it difficult for us to keep up to date on new findings and meet others in the area. The intent of the conference is to bring those researchers together with a high-quality symposium to highlight the very best in the field. MRS is an initiative of the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Multi-Robot Systems. Previous iterations include MRS 2017, MRS 2019.

The conference scope will include any research related to multi-robot and multi-agent systems, an inherently diverse community. Several competences are needed in this field, ranging from control systems to mechanical design, coordination, cooperation, estimation, perception and interaction. The fields of interest include the following general fields, but are not limited to:

   - Modeling and Control of MRS/MAS
   - Discrete Planning, Routing, Multi-Robot Path Finding, Task Assignment
   - Distributed Optimization and Distributed Algorithms
   - Nonlinear Control, Lyapunov Methods, Optimal Control
   - Continuous Planning, Trajectory Optimization, Informative Planning
   - Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, General Learning, General AI
   - Distributed Perception, Vision, Mapping, SLAM
   - Estimation, Filtering, Bayesian Methods, Target Tracking
   - Robustness, Formal Methods, Network Resilience
   - Human-Multi-Robot Interaction
   - Micro/Nano Scale Systems
   - Bio-Inspired Systems and and Swarm Intelligence


Call for Papers Deadline: 17 May 2021


Technical co-sponsorship by IEEE RAS

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