XII LARC Robot Competitions / X LARS Symposium

From 21 Oct, 2013 until 27 Oct, 2013
Categories: Chapter Events

X LARS - Latin American Robotics Symposium

The main objective of LARS 2013 – “Latin American Robotics Symposium” is to promote a forum for discussion on the latest developments in robotics and related issues, trying to identify areas of collaboration between researchers in the spread of the different sciences. The articles describing the work in robotics, including computer vision and robotics, autonomous systems, robotics and control applications in other areas, such as mechatronics, biomedicine, data mining, materials science, underwater applications, air, land, search and rescue, military space are welcome.

XII LARC - Latin American Robotics Competition

Encourage students undergraduate and graduate students to present their prototype robotic to compete in solving various tasks."}

For more inforrmation visit http://ucsp.edu.pe/lars2013/?lang=en

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