RoMoCo 2013 - Workshop on Robot Motion and Control

From 3 Jul, 2013 08:00 until 5 Jul, 2013 18:00
Categories: Conferences


The scope of the workshop includes but is not limited to:

  • control, modelling and parameter identification of robots and manipulators;
  • robot control techniques:
  • non-adaptive and adaptive, robust, hybrid, learning;
  • path and trajectory planning:
  • nonredundant, redundant and hyperredundant manipulators, mobile robots, holonomic and nonholonomic systems;
  • collision avoidance;
  • applications:
  • manufacturing, space, underwater, air, civil engineering and service, medicine, economic and social aspects of robotics;
  • neural networks in robot motion and control; educational aspects of robotics.


Call for Papers Deadline: 30 January 2013


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Technical co-sponsorship by IEEE RAS

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