Developing Countries Forum at ICRA 2015

On 29 May, 2015
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Call for Participation:
*ICRA 2015 Forum and Interactive Display Featuring Robotics in Developing Countries*

Interest in robotics is increasing in many parts of the world, and developing countries are no exception. From research projects aimed at developing novel robotic systems for unique challenges, to education and outreach programs that use robotics to enhance students' interest in STEM fields, the collection of robotics projects in developing countries provides a fascinating panorama of the potential and impact robotics can have around the world.

For the first time at ICRA 2015, a forum will be specifically dedicated to highlighting robotics work in developing countries. An interactive display at the conference will feature information on a diverse array of robotics projects in developing countries around the world. Work from a wide range of categories will be featured, including but not limited to research, education, outreach, academic work, industry work, governmental work, and NGO work. This interactive display will also be accessible on the World Wide Web via the conference website beyond ICRA 2015.

Furthermore, a forum during the ICRA 2015 conference will allow for deeper interactions, both in person and via remote participation, with authors of selected projects highlighted in the interactive display. Discussions will center on themes such as relevant applications, current trends and future directions of robotics in developing countries, opportunities and challenges of robotics work in developing countries, and opportunities for "south-south" as well as "north-south" collaboration.

All researchers, educators, and practitioners working in robotics in developing countries, as well as those with an interest in this work are invited to participate.

Download the ICRA 2015 Call for Participation: Developing Countries Forum

30 January 2015
: Entry submissions open
31 March 2015: Entry submissions deadline
Rolling, from 10 February 2015: Interactive display acceptance notifications
15 April 2015: Forum acceptance notifications
29 May 2015: Forum ICRA 2015

How to Participate
Submissions are invited in a variety of categories, including (but not limited to) research, education, outreach, academic work, industry work, governmental work, and NGO work. A 2-3 page extended abstract, in the standard IEEE format, describing the project, can be submitted via PaperPlaza. This PDF document should include a link to a representative photo of the project, to be downloaded and featured in the interactive display. It can also optionally have links to additional photographs related to the project. Finally, a short video about the project (3 minutes, 10 MB maximum) can also be uploaded to PaperPlaza with the submission.

The organizers will evaluate the submissions, and select relevant submissions for inclusion in the interactive display, and a subset of submissions for presentations at the forum. Acceptance notifications containing further steps will follow once the selection process is complete. The forum will be held on Friday 29 May at ICRA 2015. There will be an opportunity to remotely participate in the forum without being registered for the full ICRA conference.

The organizers would like to thank the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and the ICRA 2015 organizing committee for the support of the forum on robotics in developing countries.

M. Bernardine Dias, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
G. Ayorkor Korsah, Ashesi University College, Ghana
Chinwe Ekenna, Texas A&M University, USA


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