IEEE RAS TC on Soft Robotics: Soft Robotics Week

From 13 Apr, 2015 00:00 until 17 Apr, 2015 14:01

The IEEE Robotics & Automation Society's Technical Committee on Soft Robotics announces the first Soft Robotics Week being held 13-17 April 2015 in Livorno, Italy.

The event is co-sponsored by the European FET-Open Coordination Action for Soft Robotics - RoboSoft and the Marie Curie Initial Training Network SMART-E, and will involve international experts across multiple fields in the scientific community of soft robotics, industrial leaders, young researchers and students, to discuss current research activities and applications and to face future frontiers for the field of soft robotics.

Major events are the the RoboSoft Plenary Meeting and the RoboSoft and SMART-E Joint School on "Applications and Frontiers of Soft Robotics".

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