RAS Joint Lunch with Leaders and Young Professionals Luncheon

From 30 Sep, 2015 12:50 until 30 Sep, 2015 14:00

 Entry Level:  Hall 6

Advanced registration is required. The cost is $5 per lunch.
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This year's joint Lunch with Leaders and Young Professionals event aims at introducing the RAS Young Reviewer Program (YRP), a new initiative to provide the IEEE RAS students with sound practices in peer reviewing of scientific papers. This event hosts the RAS community's distinguished leaders: 
Raja Chatila - RAS President, Fumihito Arai, Allessandro De Luca, Oussama Khatib, Ron Lumia, Kevin Lynch, Tony Maciejewski, Raj Madhavan, Allison Okamura, David Orin, Stefano Stramigioli, Satoshi Tadokoro, Jing Xiao,,
and three invited speakers
Nancy Amato, Seth Hutchinson, Wolfram Burgard
The Speakers will introduce and openly discuss the most salient challenges in peer reviewing of the scientific papers. Wolfram Burgard will talk on "writing skills" of the scientific papers. Seth Hutchinson will talk about "peer-reviewing" of the scientific papers. The session will be moderated by Nancy Amato, and will be followed by general discussions, offering multiple perspectives from leaders of the RAS about what it takes to be a leader in our profession.

About the Young Reviewer Program (YRP)

The Young Reviewer Program (YRP) aims at introducing Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) students and young professionals to sound practices in peer reviewing of scientific papers. To achieve this objective, student YRP members will be supervised by Senior Reviewers (SR) in regular RAS review procedures. In addition to such a mentor-mentee relationship, YR members will have the opportunity of attending webinars and online tutorials to further explore and improve their writing and reviewing skills. Once a certain level of expertise is achieved, the YR will graduate with an overall qualification grade.

It is important to note here that within the YRP, the timing and the quality of the review to be delivered to the Associate Editors (AE), will be monitored and certified by the SRs. In addition, YRP will apply multiple safeguards to maintain confidentiality in the peer review process.

To join the Young Reviewer Program, please register at https://parasol.tamu.edu/ieee/ras-yrp

YRP committee:
Arash Ajoudani (Arash.Ajoudani@iit.it), Tamás Haidegger (haidegger@ieee.org) and Seth Hutchinson (seth@illinois.edu)


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