Automation in Health Care Management


With 33% of people which are more than 60 years old in 2050, Healthcare systems, centred on the dependent persons, represent an important challenge for the future. Healthcare systems are very complex to understand and manage. In order to improve their behaviour it is necessary to study and propose new policies and novel management approaches.

The TC on Automation in Health Care Management (AHM) promotes the application of theoretical and technological automation approaches in healthcare, communication and information processing, allocation and management of technical, human and financial resources.


Examples of recent developments:

• the provision of decision support systems for adoption within a telematic health care framework
• the application of a wide range of advanced knowledge-based and statistically-based methods for the interpretation of biomedical signals
• the application of the optimization, scheduling, simulation and modeling approaches to improve healthcare systems.

Health Care 2

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

• Optimization and scheduling
• Resource allocation problems
• Discrete and Hybrid approaches
• Distributed and modular approaches
• Modelling and Simulation
• Decision Support Systems
• Process and Data Mining
• Ambient Assisted Living


Applications include the following:

• Patient flow
• Hospital departments
• Medical workflow
• Emergency procedures
• Surgery management
• Hospital drug logistics
• Diagnostic laboratories
• Hospital admission
• Home care
• Technology assessment
• Health Problem Detection
• Activities Daily Living

If you are interested in becoming a member of this committee, please send an email to the TC Co-chairs and include your name, title, affiliation, email address, telephone number, and your area of interest.