The IEEE-RAS committee on Autonomous Ground Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Systems was founded the 1st July 2002. It maintains a mailing list of the members: Currently the total number of members is 256.


The goal of the TC IEEE-RAS committee on Autonomous Ground Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Systems is to promote ITS and Autonomous Ground Vehicles applications within the Robotics and Automation Society and catalyze the interaction between RAS and the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society. This is meaningful due to the variety of Robotics Technologies which are currently used in ITS and vice versa. The committee will try to achieve these goals by organizing cross RAS-ITS events like journal special issues, workshops, conference special sessions etc. The TC will also try to promote international collaborations on this topic.

Robotic technologies in the field of transportation area

  • Road and traffic scene understanding
  • Lane detection and lane keeping
  • Pedestrian and vehicle detection
  • Detection, tracking and classification
  •  Feature extraction and feature selection 
  • Cooperative Techniques
  • Collision prediction and avoidance
  • Driver assistance systems
  • Environment perception, vehicle localization and autonomous navigation
  • Real-time perception and sensor fusion
  • SLAM in dynamic environments
  • Real-time motion planning in dynamic environments
  • 3D Modeling and reconstruction
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Behavior modeling and learning
  • Robust sensor-based 3D reconstruction
  • Multi-agent based architectures
  • Cooperative unmanned vehicles (not restricted to ground transportation)
  • Cooperation and communications (among vehicles and infrastructure)
  • Multi autonomous vehicles studies, models,techniques and simulations
  • Traffic modeling and supervision
  • Traffic impact
  • Green mobility
  • Situation Awareness
  • Fully Autonomous Driving
  • Safe Navigation
  • Decision Making for Navigation and Collision Avoidance in Open and Dynamic Environments
  • New Perception Systems
  • Multi-sensor integration
  • Navigable Space
  • Dynamic and Stability Navigation Constraints
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Off road vehicle
  • Sliding and slippage estimation
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Vehicle modeling and control

Committee News