IEEE ICRA Best Paper Award in Automation

About the Award

Description: This award recognizes the best paper in Automation presented at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA).
Established: 1997
Prize: A single award of $1,000 to be shared by all authors and certificates for individual authors. If there are multiple authors of a winning paper, they will share the $1,000 prize equally. In the exceptional case that two papers are deemed worthy, the authors of each paper will share a $500 prize equally.
Funding: The award is funded by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.
Eligibility: All papers presented at the annual ICRA conference are eligible. There are no restrictions as to organization, nationality, race, creed, sex, or age. There is no requirement for IEEE membership. Eligibility and Selection process shall comply with procedures and regulation established in IEEE and Society governing documents, particularly with IEEE Policy 4.4 on Awards Limitations. Authors of automation papers are encouraged to include keywords related to automation in their keyword list to help the ICRA Awards Committee identify papers to consider for the award.
Basis for Judging: A selection committee will be appointed by the ICRA Awards Committee with members who have appropriate expertise in the field of automation. Papers are judged based on technical merit, originality, relevance and potential impact on the automation field (in terms of efficiency, productivity, quality, and reliability), clarity of the written paper, and quality of the conference presentation.
Presentation: The award will be announced and presented at the same annual IEEE ICRA conference.

Winners of this Award

Xin Li, Huaping Wang, Qing Shi, JiaXin Liu, Zhanhua Xin, Xinyi Dong, Qiang Huang and Toshio Fukuda
"Automated Fabrication of the High-Fidelity Cellular Micro-Scaffold through Proportion-Corrective Control of the Photocuring Process"

Nassim Benhabib, Vincent Padois and David Daney
"Securing Industrial Operators with Collaborative Robots: Simulation and Experimental Validation for a Carpentry Task"

Changsheng Dai, Zhuoran Zhang, Yuchen Lu, Guanqiao Shan, Xian Wang, Qili Zhao, and Yu Sun
"Robotic Orientation Control of Deformable Cells"

Manuel Lussi, Timothy Sandy, Kathrin Doerfler, Norman Hack, Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Daniel Kohler, Jonas Buchli
"Accurate and Adaptive In situ Fabrication of an Undulated Wall using an On-Board Visual Sensing System"

Philipp Lottes, Raghav Khanna, Johannes Pfeifer, Roland Siegwart, Cyrill Stachniss
"UAV-Based Crop and Weed Classification for Smart Farming"

Samuel Lensgraf, Ramgopal Mettu
"Beyond Layers: A 3D-Aware Toolpath Algorithm for Fused Filament Fabrication"

Bassem Dahroug, Guillaume J. Laurent, Valérian Guelpa, Nadine Le Fort-Piat
"Design, Modeling and Control of a Modular Contactless Wafer Handling System"

Ian O'Hara, James Paulos, Jay Davey, Nick Eckenstein, Neel Doshi, Tarik Tosun, Jonathan Greco, Jungwon Seo, Matt Turpin, Vijay Kumar, Mark Yim
"Self-Assembly of a Swarm of Autonomous Boats into Floating Structures"

Hao Tieng, Haw-Ching Yang, Min-Hsiung Hung, Fan-Tien Cheng
"A Novel Virtual Metrology Scheme for Predicting Machining Precision of Machine Tools"

Andreas Stolt, Magnus Linderoth, Anders Robertsson, Rolf Johansson
"Force Controlled Robotic Assembly without a Force Sensor"

Zhe Lu, Xuping Zhang, Clement Leung, Navid Esfandiari, Robert F. Casper, Yu Sun
"Automated Cell Manipulation: Robotic ICSI"

Daniel Cunningham, Harry Asada
"Continuous Path Tracing by a Cable-Suspended, Under-Actuated Robot: The Winch-Bot"

Felix Beyeley, Simon Muntwyler, Bradley E. Nelson
"Design and Calibration of a Microfabricated 6-Axis Force-Torque Sensor for Microbotic Applications"

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