IROS Harashima Award for Innovative Technologies

About the Award

Description: This award honors Professor Fumio Harashima, founder of the IROS (Intelligent Robots and Systems) Conferences, by recognizing a member of the IROS community who has pioneered activities in robotics and intelligent systems. 

  • Nomination: The Nomination Committee of the Fumio Harashima Award for innovative technologies will solicit nominations for the award through open publication in relevant journals, posting on the web sites of the sponsors, email solicitation and personal contact. The nomination chair is appointed by the IROS steering committee. The committee chair selects four appropriate committee members from the IROS community by considering the balance of regions, and the area of the possible candidates.
  • Selection: The Selection Committee (Separate from the Nomination Committee)of the Fumio Harashima Award for innovative technologies will evaluate the nominations and make the selection. The selection committee consists of five members. Four representatives are from the supporting four societies, one for each society. The chair of the selection committee will be the chair of the IROS steering committee.

Established: 2007
Prize: $2000.00 and a plaque
Funding: The cost to maintain this award will be covered by surplus funds that result from each IROS conference (IEEE-RAS, IEEE-IES, Robotics Society of Japan, SICE). In case the surplus is smaller than $2000, the award will not be presented at that conference. The candidate will be awarded at the next earliest conference that will have a surplus of more than $2000.
Eligibility: The recipient must have created a new research area and/or technology for intelligent robots and systems. The recipient must have presented his or her contribution in one or more past IROS conferences.
Basis for Judging: Factors that will be considered are: a created area and/or technology for intelligent robots and systems, achievement for the advancement of the field of intelligent robots and systems, and activities in robotics and intelligent systems.
Presentation: Up to one award will be given annually at the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems.

Winners of this Award


Award not presented

Award not presented

Nancy M. Amato
"For fundamental contributions to innovative robot motion planning and advanced computing methods"

Wolfram Burgard
"For pioneering research in robotic simultaneous localization and mapping"

Kevin M. Lynch
"For his pioneering contributions to robotic manipulation"

Shigeki Sugano
"For his technical contributions and innovation in human-symbiotic anthropomorphic robotics"

Not presented this year

Not presented this year

Kazuhiro Kosuge
"For his contributions on Human-Robot Interaction and Mechatronics Systems and for his leadership in the community"

Christian Laugier 
"For his contributions to Embedded Perception and Driving Decision for Intelligent Vehicles, and his leadership in IROS conferences"

Toshio Fukuda
"For his technical contributions to the fields of intelligent systems and micro-nano robotics, and his leadership in IROS conferences"

Ren C. Luo
"For his technical contributions in intelligent mobile robotics and his leadership in IROS conferences"

Shinichi Yuta
"For his technical contribution in "Yamabiko" mobile robot platform and his leadership in IROS conferences"

Masakatsu Fujie 
"For contributions in rehabilitation and medical robotics"

Mark W. Spong
"For fundamental contributions to the foundations of control of robots and teleoperators"

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